Tuesday, June 1, 2010

falling in luv vs breaking up

after i watched video of shahir af8 : kebahgiaan dalam perpisahan, it had me thinking..

why when we're falling in luv everythg seems so perfect?? we are always happily together, doing thgs together, everythg is together..

but then when the breaking up's time come, we couldn't barely see the sparks that have been sparkling the relationship before even for the small thg it could be a big issue..(arghh..!!GILE PENAT LYN ORG..)

my simple question..why if we realize the love get dull and duller..we don't try to spark it back?? if the answer is u were too lazy to put that as the important part, then my guess u really don't wanna this relationship anymore. orait then, how bout u jz tell the truth; u don't want him/her..simple but it's really work!!

sometimes in life, we need to be truthful in what u feel. u dont need to keep "owh..she/he were too good too me. i cant barely tell that im getting married in just a week with someone i really love which that is suppose our plan." well u got to tell that person in whatever way!!at least he/she have time for recovery.what?? do u expect for the person to come to ur wedding after he/she jz knew the part he/she going to lose u in just a minute before u getting married??

owh!!if u would dare to do so well, u are one big COWARD!! dont worry. everyone can understand why and what. so...juz be honest to the one u loved and the one u cared or the one u have been loved and the one u have been cared..

[p/s: if that person still not understand what is going on,(myb he/she still shock) just make it that person understand IN WHAT EVER WAY!!]

-sowie for the little hush..but someone need to say before it going to happen again to other people.time for me to say nite..

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