Saturday, November 26, 2011

Salam Maal Hijrah

p/s: banyak kerja xsiap agy..hukhuk  =(

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Best quote of the day

There's so many things happen for the past of the weeks. It just a small matter but it suddenly became big issue and its SERIOUS!. Who's the virus here? not sure. Who's having bad weeks experience? We are. Who's having the nightmare? They are.

This thing is still under investigation. For the time being, our activities slows down a little bit. Hope it's get better. For my behalf, i am a person who does not take this too seriously. Everything that happen i somehow not there. So far, i cant tell what is what only hear what and what. My concern goes to the pride of our batch and also the pride for all the innocent ones.

On this date, i officially publish the quote from Left. Muda Shida "Senior jangan OVER, Junior jangan MANJA". This quote tells everything!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

advice for both of you..if only you read

. There's a voice inside my head tells, u never reach it....

That is only a part of the climb lyrics. November, the monsoon is call here in Terengganu. To see the sun its a miracle. Ok, that is just a hyperbola but we are really need the help call The Umbrella to back up. Its cold here and we need a fire to warm us up. The wind is chilling till we get blown away. And for those people call The Student who have all assignment to pass up, they might end up sleep..include me. haha but somehow or rather i feel so i do need the sleep for now. For my fyp, hold it for second to give me ideas after wakes up and good dream. yeehaaa!!

I am a person sometimes believe that our dreams tells us the future if only you know how to read the dreams. For example if u dream there's a crocodile chasing after you,  it means there's gonna be a man who is going to chase it for a moment. That might lead to good or even bad depends on how you going to handle it. Another dreams meaning is when you dream about your family who ignoring you till you cried out means you have been ignoring your family for a quite long. The tears you cried out shows that how sad is your family for missing you. Take note of that. Family first then others.

Last night, my dream are soo..are not accepted. I hate this guy. Well not that hate hate, but it is better for i keep out from him or watsoeva about him. Between me and him is history. I said for myself there's no way for me to be friend of that sucker but my dreams tells otherwise. He suddenly tells his secret. Secret about his life, relationship with her girl. And what i dont like is he is going to dump her like he did to me for the other girl if and only if that her dream girl responds back to him. Yes, i do wish them to break years before just to give that girl a lesson how blinds she is if he can do it, he will do it again. So there's no wonder that girl are so over protective. Padan muka laki tu baru tahu who precious now. But it was to late. That is only my feelings years ago but i do wish them to be together till the end now. But for him to do that again, it's sad. It is awkward seems like we are a good friends together. Ewww!!hate that part. Please keep it away from me. He is a man who i cannot trust despite to our past. He is soo...out!! I dont know why i have wasted my tears for laki xguna tu then i realized he is not the man im in love with after culture-shock series begun.

If my dream are real that he will do that for that girl, please im hoping for that guy to stop his feelings and his thought right away. You guys have been dated for 3years plus now. Dont waste your all feelings. It's sad. To that girl, it's KARMA babeh.. haha what a bad girl i am. im sorry. but i wishing for that girl if that truly happen, please strengthen yourself and i know u can do it. Dont be like me. I know you are much better than me and  for that reasons, he still can be with you longer than our relationship. You must well aware he likes chocolate, keeps on doing that to get his heart. Be with him till the end, orite? Hope you guys will last long.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Cerita yang Tak Ada Kena Mengena

Alkisahnya, ada 2 sahabat yang baik. tapi diorang nie pelik skit. Depan kawan2 macam begaduh tapi bila berdua, masing2 macam ada perasaan. Tapi nak wat camne, kawan hanya lah sampai kawan je. (eh, lupe nak bagitau, nie kisah seekor burung merpati dan seekor kucing)

Diorang nie kawan kejap je. Pastu terpaksa bepisah. Dah namanya pun merpati, memang suka berhijrah. Bila kucing perasaan je merpati tuh da xde baru la die rasa kehilangan. Ntah berapa tahun kemudian diorang jumpa balik. Kisah jejak kasih kan memang sedih tapi gembira tahap perghhh.. Sampai sekarang la diorang berkawan.

Nak dijadikan cerita, si kucing ni tanya la macam2 kat merpati pasal paras rupa lah apelah. Si merpati layan je. Die pun memang xpaham pe yang kucing tuh tanya sangat memule tapi lama2 tuh barula die dapat pickup. (lumpy gak merpati nie upenye). Tiba2 kucing nie masuk bab yang serius. Merpati nie sedih je tapi wat2 happy.

Merpati da lama tahu kucing ada hati kat die tapi setiap kali kucing tuh bagitau mesti die tengah mempunyai hubungan dengan merpati yang lain. Namanya pun merpati seekor burung. Bukankah zaman tradisi dulu kala kucing akan jadikan burung itu satu alat permainan dia?

Ikutkan hati, merpati ada menyimpan perasaan jugak kat kucing seperti kucing tuh tapi kehidupan merpati yang selalu berpindah-randah menyebabkan perhubungan dengan kucing tu agak terbatas. Walaupun akhirnya merpati tu decide nak tinggal dengan kalangan merpati yang lain, dia tetap berharap untuk kucing tu tunggu dia. bila? merpati sendiri xdapat nak pasti. merpati xnak bagi janji takut nanti memakan diri.betul ke xkeputusan yang merpati buat nie pun merpati xtaw. hanya mampu tunggu dan lihat.

chewah ayat..hehe..nie sume gara-gara  kuiz Humam Computer Interaction la nie. kuiz online die yang tetiba suruh mengarang. Experience baru nie. hehe. nie la jawapan aq wat. lebih kurang macam nie la but in BI. amacam?ase2 kuiz die untuk soalan mengarang nie, bape markah penuh?