Monday, November 15, 2010


This are the missing chapters and compiled it to become "The Present".

haha..the title seems so gah but it's only me talking about the present i got in this sem (the one i still kept the pictures). The first present i taken the picture is the ole-ole¬ from my new roomate. She came to Kelantan but i forgot the 'why'. Anyway, she came back and bring us (my other roomate and i) this sampan. tenkiu =)

The second picture taken is the gift from my best friends zaty n cap! it's for my besday. tenkiu u guys. love u much ahh.. The special thing about this is it is ordered from the economic's week (i think i said the event right). It is where someone showing their love to other person by buying a present for that particular person. The motto "u buy, we deliver". The delivering date for my present is really on my birthday. Tenkiu kowg sume..cyunk kowg. And tenkiu to Amin and all his member who have been really tough searching the right person to give the presents. I know u guys did well =)

The third picture taken is the gift from my old friend. Fatah. He gave me this!!!

Tenkiu.. =) really appreciate. He also give me the chocolate cookies. A really big one. Hurmm..i wonder where he bought it. Talking about that, im pretty hungry and the smells of the soup really kicking me! Got to go now. Pye2

Sunday, October 31, 2010

terdiam tergamam xberkate

suddenly die kol..die kate die minx maap sgt xdpt anta..sore die pn cam gabrah je.. maintain ahh..then die kate die accident..dala ujan lebat..pastuh tny la..camne..die kate die wokeyh..dlm ati ader gk la nk kte..nie mst kes die bwk lupe lak..skunk kn musim ujan..lebat lak tuh..jap je lagi kes bnjir..
soo..dak2 U sume dah dok prepare duet basuh baju kat mesin n bju ujan.bju tebal pn included. pastuh tjmpe lak kawan kt sowg nie yg nek kete ngn die..die cam..resah diam xterkate..sumenyer cam blank..die citer xtawuh la nk bg respon ape..cume terpikir nk jmp die je..terase cam jaat lak diri nie..mke risau cam xder je..hurmm..camne nie..??xpe2..die kate die nk jmp jap lg..die kate die nk ttbe die kte..btul ke nk tawuh..??nanti ader gak org yg nanges dgr citer tuh..hushh..sedasat2 nyer ke..??dala mlm td die ader sebot sal accdent.tup2 tghri td die acdent.mulut spe yg msin..??

bicare : sedapnyer mam bujang..kt mam selalu la camni..sonok!!

Friday, October 29, 2010

tenkiu for the weeks

full week of assignments, bunch of tests and not forget..FINAL!!
owh..its really a full 2weeks of hard work!!! only yesterday night i could breathe in an open air..SO FRESH!!! finally..huhu

well..all this thanks to my hunny bunny munchkin who give all the efforts to my sickness of tension.

REAL PLAN : jog & walk around
HAPPENS : jog for 1 round then i tesemput lak..then we go for walking until we found this port where it is before someone build up a tent. there's a timber where we choose to take a rest for a while. we play a little tricky word write on the sand. it's only the beginning before we started to draw different pictures combination of our skills. out of the result we make a story line. it end up pretty well and nice. really nice. it is the best memory and the real fun time we glad!

REAL PLAN : watching movie and survey around
HAPPENS : the showing only 3 movies. ouwh!! i thought i wanna take the midnight..guess what..TERENGGANU only have the night movie..xpela..we take a bowling game and the token games!!cool!!gyle besh!! the best game we have for the night is dragon dash where we need to find the same color and types of the eggs by scrolling the eggs up and down o left and right.pretty fun! i's only a usual game. believe's not. it's a latest touch screen game that have fully equip function of different types of games..seyes best..meyh dtg kat MESRA MALL!!!huhu

if only my phone could take picture of us =((

Saturday, October 23, 2010

let's get psycho!!

1- u mad at someone
don't tell people u were angry..but tell people u were happy to loved them even more!!
(fact : human are full of emotions. they know they made u really mad but then u act opposite way and that scares them the most. THEY'VE BEEN PSYCHO!!)

2- they making u feel as if u not existed
don't make a face and don't feel distracted..just proceed your life as usual!!
(fact : they pretend as if they don't care just to see your reaction but then u act different ways. This will make them uncomfortable. THEY'VE BEEN PSYCHO!!)

3- they humiliate u in front other people
don't react that u shamed of what they do..but react it with a big smile n responds with a nice way of greetings if u have any chance!!
(fact : usually this kind of people just wanna show how powerful they are by making others feel unpleasant but then they way u react shows to them how not powerful they are as the thought. THEY'VE BEEN PSYCHO!!)

4- they release the anger to u even you didn't know anything
don't get mental to the comments they gave but just accept it with open minded. it may hurts u and u will get emotional but sometimes somehow u need understand others.
(fact : human is just a human. sometimes they get mentally interrupted but sometimes they just do fine. even though u not in real good condition accepting everything they said lead them to appreciate for your concerned. THEY'VE BEEN PSYCHO!!)

5- they always talked how good they were but it's all nonsense
don't show how annoyed u were but just keep telling them they actually that good.
(fact : they just want to get attention from others and they love when people around understand what they want. They get touched but when u keep telling how true each of the words they said, they get annoyed by the words they said as they know it's a total lie. THEY'VE BEEN PSYCHO!!)

p/s : it's really good to be true!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

pra final year project??

we called it as project individual. WOW!!wasn't that amazing?? seyes im scared to present. Everyone does yet we manage. This only a small grup presentation. lucky us!!

There are some comment that shows how the response to our project :
"How do u do that?? u create on ur own??"
"That is how to make a formal page!"
"How long u make it that?? i believe in 6 months it will really2 great like a pro!!"
"Teach me how to make it that, will ya??"

So far, it seems we really managed this subject. We only hoping for the A score. amin~

p/s : they are not just commenting the gud..however we really glad!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

what a week

this week is really full with stuff!! here this!!

19/10/10 = test 2 networking
20/10/10 = send the complete web project
21/10/10 = presentation of individual project
22/10/10 = final data structure

arghh!!wat a really nice week i have!! quite bz still im enjoying myself..gosh..what is happening to me??

Sunday, October 17, 2010

the moment i thought

the moment i thought i still wanna be friends like before, u still making your 'unjoke' humor sense.
the moment i thought there's a chance for u to change, u still appear the same.
the moment i thought u are a good guy, u turn out to be bad, pathetic.
the moment i thought u are a devil, u actually a nice person.
the moment i forgetting u, u keep telling me u in love with me.
so which one are u?? im confius!!dun let me b one..

Sunday, October 10, 2010

typical gul

there's lot of thing i would love to do, things that i admire but then it would be nicer if it happens at the right time, right place. Guess i am a typical kind of girl. i just want everything what i want to be so perfect. Im so sorry to everyone who involve typical with me. hmm...

Saturday, October 9, 2010

starvation to death???

ouchh!!my stomach just keep grumbling..shud i o shud i not keep fasting??pliese2..can i eat??it still early in the morning..

i noe i wanna be better..hope..n this starvation is one of the challenge i need to handle.but it seems to hard to keep it continue..gosh..i really not that strong as u expected.i keep on imagine things(food with a yummy super duper smooth soup cooked fined with the chicken) GOSH!!i am terliur

but if im not continue this..i guess im not exactly that ready to this changing really this hard?? not sure why..but this is the hardest fasting i have..after i niat to change..hurm..

PATIENT!!just patient faa..tomorrow cud be handy

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

reading up my diary

how do u feel when sumone read ur diary that says :

Dear diary, he really did smtg to me!gosh!thought no one wouldn't realized. guess im wrong. it showed all over my face. i just couldn't resist. How could sumone i love forget my besday?? Not only that..the date he said is sumone else besday..grr~

But that was only an act, nothing more..he edy prepared the whole thg up..SURPRISE!!!! there go.. if only i cud eat him wildly, how ful!! im sooo mad but then there r no words came out only how i really missed him n just wanna hold u tight.

thinking back..actually i am ready for this whole thing n i like to keep it continue..mish u dear..muachhhxx a lot!!!

and that someone who read him..the one im talking shy..but..who cares..that is how i felt =D)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


"awak jaat jaat jaat sgt jaat..awak sje wat kt nanges psl mende nie..mencila!!"

gyle bang ahh..ive cried for the lil surprise bdah party for myself. he really made me think its real;all the acts. but im touched. all the effort he made..all the stuff he did..well, guess he's the one i ever wanted.

juz imagine, when there is a cake and someone called him..i jz wanna shout "please dun called his name no more. im sicked by the name at my bday. grrr~"
wat a tough young man have to handle this lil complicated gul. spe suh blakon ingat besday pmpn laen..

wateva it is..we r now back together..and just wanna say Thank You So Much. I'd Appreciate

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

when a little voice said

thinking :
not really sure wats up wif u..i admire u
not really sure how..i choosed u over the one i liked
not really sure why..i give it a try
and i give it a try..

somehow im afraid..we could not be that long
somehow im thinking..i could choose someone over u
somehow im saying..i want to stop all this
and i meant a real stop..

it is not ur is not anyone's fault
it is only me thinking how early is everything to me now
i dont need this..i dont aim least not now
but i dont know how to say a word to u..i really dont
cause everytime im with seems..u r my drug

there is still a few words left with blur..only the future knows wat will it be

shuh shuh..go away..!!

things that i hate in male&female relationship :

- one's betrayed the other
- one's keep denial things that everyone can see
- one's know that the other person the factor the other is in pain
- one's that still keep saying the love when outside seeing other person
- one's who just asking for the break and the next day see other person and keep saying they had nothing

p/s : there's more..but the point is..I WILL SHOOT U!!

girl next door

there is a story about a girl who confuse to make her own choice. he had dated this guy before and it doesn't going well when she suddenly breaks on what she stands. not believing she did, she try to change to make a better future. unfortunately, he responded a different way from what she wants to. then she moved on to what position she thinks the best. beyond her expectation, she met a new guy and she said yes for their future. hardly believe she was actually struggling to get rid with the guy she had before. it would be nice if the guy she had feeling with before doesn't said he just realize how he fell in love with this girl...and this girl is...ME..

Sunday, August 29, 2010

fakta menarik tntg manusia =D

1) Manusia yang mempunyai tahi lalat lebih banyak dipercayai hidup lebih lama berbanding manusia yang kurang tahi lalat. (wuahahhaha.. kelakar! datuk saripah aini hidup lama la ek??)

2) Manusia yang pertama dijangkiti HIV ialah pada tahun 1930an.

3) Wanita mengelipkan mata dua kali lebih berbanding lelaki.

4) Manusia yang bijak dan intelligent mempunyai lebih molekul zink dan kuprum di dalam rambut mereka. (pergh.. sape yang rajin gi wat kajian ini??)

5) Otot yang paling kuat pada seorang manusia ialah lidahnya. (hurmm.. betol la kata pepatah lidah lebih tajam dari pedang eh?)

6) Tubuh kita menghasilkan dan membunuh 15 million sel darah merah dalam sesaat!

7) Secara purata, manusia menghasilkan 10,000 gallon air liur sepanjang hayatnya.

8) Ada seorang bayi lahir dalam setiap 7 saat. (wahhh!)

9) Anda akan dapat mengesan seekor skunk (yg bau busuk tu) dengan hanya menghidu 0.000000000000071 ounce dari bau nya. (betapa sensitif nya hidung kita...)

10) Kita bernafas lebih kurang 10 million kali setahun.

11) Semakin sejuk suhu bilik tidur anda, lebih tinggi kebarangkalian anda untuk mendapat mimpi ngeri/ buruk.

12) Cuba teka dalam 5 jari kita.. yang mana kukunya lebih cepat panjang/tumbuh? Jawapannya jari hantu / tengah. :)

13) Jari yang paling sensitif ialah jari telunjuk.

14) Nisbah berat otak dan berat badan manusia ialah 1/40 kilogram.

15) Selepas makan terlalu banyak, pendengaran anda akan kurang daripada normal. (hehehe.. cam tak logik je kaitan makan ngan telinga..)

16) Rambut wanita mempunyai diameter 1/2 dari diameter rambut lelaki. (adoii.. sape la yang pegi kira semua nih???)

17) Tulang yang paling kuat pada tubuh seorang manusia ialah tulang dagunya.

18) Ilmuwan mengatakan semakin tinggi IQ manusia, semakin banyak ia bermimpi.(lagi2 ms nk wat programming..ades)

19) Jika anda melihat seseorang yang anda cintai, pupil mata anda akan membesar, dan pupil anda juga membesar jika anda melihat seseorang yang anda benci.

20) Panas tubuh manusia selama 30 menit cukup untuk membuat setengah galon air (1, 9 liter) menjadi mendidih.

Friday, August 27, 2010


The definition of couple here is when the two people like each other and agree to have a serious relationship aiming for the till-end relationship.

But how does the aiming really hits the target??
And do the couple really sincere in the relationship??

The percentage of the couple will last long till the end of their lives, nowdays are really really small. There are many reasons to argue about.
There are also many purpose of couple to occur. It could be finding a mate, or perhaps it just for an experience,fun and enjoyment or even worst, for the showed off. Only the person itself knows which purpose he/she stands with.

This relationship is really like a fairy-tale bedtime story in the beginning and it could be a worst nightmare ever at the very end of the relationship. Still the phenomena of coupling still going to be the hits of a lifetime. Why? I mean why do we need to couple or to be declare we are 'two' now?? Is that a prominent need??

There is still a question not yet been answer or never have been in our thought. Almost all of us have the experienced, whether it ends up with a sad story or maybe you not even have the experienced of break up. Well, that's a good start. The break up, the spelling itself show how broken is the person's heart like breaking glass into pieces or even worst. Still there is never be a term of not going to have a serious relationship anymore. Everyone will and will be have those experienced. Don't you see how stubborn we are?? Who said so?? The living are created to have their own soul-mate. There is a male for a female, there is male and female for the animal and even for the tree itself have the sperm and ovum for them to continue their generations.

Why we still wanted to be 'two' even the previous experienced have thought us how crazy the couple's world is?? Why can't we just said we like each other and hoping the feeling will last forever till the right time we get married and still keeping the loves?? Wasn't that seems to be more wonderful??

If you noticed, there is an evolution happen in the coupling situation. The old time, the 80's-90's the male and female still shy to see each other and apparently the have high manners. Then the male and female started to declare as a couple and yes the did have some dates together. Behave??ermm..a little low for some people. Now, most of us tend to share the feeling to each other but do not want to declare. Why and how does this happen?? As the Earth keep rotate at the place, the revolution did take some place too. But how to explain??

It could be the experienced have taught them to be that way and maybe it could be some experienced need to follow!! Wahh!! Suddenly im thinking of getting
married at the early age. What will it pay for my need??

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


there's a thing i discovered about the people named man.
this is about their love story of how they choose the soulmate of his.

1)whenever a girl show some interest of him such taking care of his dressup,his performance his whatever on him or his behaviour even it doesnt mean anything, well IT DOES MEAN A THING for him.

2)whenever a girl show her sweetness of her laughter and make a real good conversation between him, it sure does turn him on a little bit.

3)whenever a girl asking for help more to asking for the sympathy, they will easily taking care of her beyond his awareness.

4)whenever a girl try to understand or be a good listener of him, he definitely have this tiny thought making the girl his..someday..

5)whenever a girl give a positive answer(s) to all the question he gave, u are definitely have a bright future to become his most precious.
-question refers to the hearts matter the conclusion, if u are trying making friends with him just as friend friend, be clear to everything u said n u do.

male : bleyh x sy nk kawan dgn awk??(he interested in u a lil bit)
female : kwn je?? hal la..(u gv him a green light)
male : nape awk xkapel lg??(trying to get into seyes subject)
female : sbb sy x besedia lg.(u did again give him a green light *sigh)
(u making him waiting for u)

male : beleyh x sy nk kawan dgn awk??
female : xperlu asenyer. xpenting pn.(finally u gv him right answer-harsh but true)
male : nape awk xkapel lg?
female : sbb sy mmg xsuke.

dun worry giving them a pretty harsh answer rather than he adores u and the next day become his enemy
as u not choosing him.
be urself dun try be others. the person named man will always respect u named female that always said
the truth that u dont give a false hope. it may sound a little harsh in the way u responsed but that is the way.


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Thursday, August 5, 2010

dear diary..

this blog seems to be my second diary of mine..hurm..I MISH U!!I SAYANG U!!hee~
**wats that??lost!!

end edy dillema. here we come the day. let me stay to be..till the end

im in dillema of choosing a right guy for me..WAS!!but then im finally saw wats the best and i is him =)) i have this crazy thoughts of hurting him in the future..IF!! not that a gud girl..WAS!!but trying to be gud as possible but still..thats only a matter of heart..not my attire n my behaviour..oraite..

the gudness of him makes me fell in lub wif him more n more..gosh!!cant believe i post it here..but to excited to share..hehe..


Sunday, August 1, 2010

juz wan 2 shout!!

he's da one i really want after i noe him. he's da one im aiming for after i noe him yet, he still da one i let it go after i noe him!! the truth revealed. actually we want each other but not sure wat happen suddenly that dream is keep hidden.

I sayang kan u..deeply!(u can asked my rumate too) but it seems im da one syok sdr. im afraid. i noe u were just like old times. but it was too late too noticed that. im sorry..please forgive me...

p/s: hopefully u really meant that.

Monday, July 26, 2010

he making me..

waaa!!what potion did u gave to me?? sob2!! u really making me..&hearts &hearts &hearts..

Sunday, July 25, 2010

mini cooper

the black and white mini cooper is on the road!!!haha not that mini cooper..its only the design of the t-cet we bought yesterday..hehe..

actual plan : hangout together the 3 of us wif that mini cooper..BESH2!!
reality : waaaa...we only had time to eat!!wif the stomach tap dancing with the heavy rain could be heard to the next neighborhood, we couldnt have imagine to care of the mini cooper no more..aish!!

dont have too worry much. tomorrow is the last day for the convo festival. hopefully we could spend our last convo festival this year together..wahh!!i mish him!!(out of topic suddenly..please ignore). owh please more rain will ya??

p/s : my mum give me a green light!!wee.. *maloo&hearts

Saturday, July 24, 2010


Day 2 : finally we go out together(my gang) to the convo festival.. it just a convo festival but not sure what is so fun bout it. myb..too bored keep silent in the room..wah!! hehe..then we saw this one t-cet. having design of the mini's look cool!! anyway, today, night; the opening of our mini cooper t-cet. syok2!! cant wait to dress up!

p/s : t-cet seems to be to small wif my size..huh!!just wait n c how i would manage that =D

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

jangan berkata jika tak pasti

what u will think for someone who seems willing to do anything for u, do anything u asked, yet it just a halfway path. errkk?? i mean he said he will do it..but only half way. ergh!!!!!im real mad here!! not once but twice so far i felt it this way. hey may sound little, but wat happen when he would do as much as he wants?? and what if the thing is a real big thing??gosh!!ive been giving chances to this one man before and there's the mistake happen. HATE IT!! there's no way im giving u chances that make my heart sank once more again(even for another man)..thank gudness we dun have anything to tie us up. At least i can find a new other guy. YEAY!!!

but how can i forget u in just a minute second and telling u im not 'things' u could do the same thing again and again..

[p/s : dun let us the female on the man's feet]

now?? weird when we can open wat-so-eva site that are requires gud connection but i cant go through the simple site??owh!!is the ptm do sumthing with the connection or maybe that's mean i need to study like..NOW??ouch!!

dun play the games!!

There's a statement from my mummie says "Dun play with the hearts' game with more specific this one course-account". What she said more is they were a loyalty kind of guy and bit of romantic person even they seems to be a schematic guy. WOW!! i've been there where suppose im just 'usha' this one guy of his fitness and guess wat..i think im falling for u.gosh!! Damn shy to tell but hey, u really stops my heart beat. Now i rethinking the whole things up again and guess i made a right choice by choosing u and not the...just forget it. It's already past past away.

p/s : still keeping the status single =D)

Monday, July 19, 2010

i like!!

hey all!! i noe where my special abilities are. i can make someone a bit saver to spend the money on me. well at least just a few ringgit would mind.. it really does feel great! im not a materialistic girl wokeyh..(not really..hee)

p/s : im fully tank!!GOSH!!

Saturday, July 17, 2010


my house(hostel) blackout..just when im starting to use a charger for my lappy..ouch!!just a few minutes left before im end here everything(for now)..owh noe..

full name

There's certain thing we need to use our own name(full) such as email and even a a social networking mostly for a business purpose. That is really forbidden for me when i still a kid. I don't like people get to noe me as much as they know my real name. Kind say, im pretty secretive. fuhh!!haha.. But im getting older, and now im studying at U, it keeps me thinking how nice it would be when someone corporate have ur name. wow!! It seems u were some kind of hot stuff!! What r ur opinion?? Would u like to sharing some??

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

No more noisy sound while talking in phone

Everyone can talk with just a low pinch without bothering others. The new tech by unveil at CeBIT fair, the future phone transform lip movement into computer-generated voice for the listener at the other end of the phone.

'Silent Sound' aims to notice every movement of the lips and transform into sound, which could help people who lose voices to speak. The handset would decipher the movement your mouth makes by measuring the muscle activity then convert into speech.

The technology can also turn you into an instant polyglot. Where they can be immediately transformed into the language of the user’s choice.

“But we’re working to overcome the remaining technical difficulties. In five, maybe ten years, this will be useable, everyday technology,” he said.

p/s : I can't wait to use the device!!

Samantha Ronson Comes to Lindsay Lohan's Defense Via Twitter

Could Samantha Ronson and Lindsay Lohan be headed for a reconciliation? Not likely, but it looks like they're no longer enemies. Recently, comedian Joan Rivers decided to send out a handful of tweets that were all aimed at mocking Lindsay and Samantha quickly came to her defense.

In one tweet, Joan, 77, calls the soon-to-be behind bars actress dumb and in another one, she pokes fun directly at her long and troubled history with alcohol. "I was just reading about the new Lindsay Lohan diet, which is all liquid. 80 Proof," she posted on Twitter.

For some reason, Samantha felt compelled to step in and took to her page to say: "Hey Joan Rivers. You have collagen older than Lindsay, pick on someone your own age, oh wait I guess people that old can't hear."

Lindsay promptly thanked her ex for the support and as far as we can tell, it looks like Joan backed off. For now, that is.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

no couple, juz married..will ya??

saye makin hari makin suke pada kamu..but i dont want to have any seyes targeting no couple at the mean time juz be married. but hey, trying to have the married status at the 23 and having a perfect car with a perfect at least an apartment by myself and he juz grad and me juz have my own work for A YEAR and were planning of having a grand ceremony..gosh!!i really need money. Im DESPERATE!!

anyway, i am confusing and had a very long thoughts too. I think i really making mess in ur pureness heart and still im not really sure if u are the one even i really well known ur behavior really drives me crazy!DAMN! u really stole my heart, dude. Please take care that well. huh!i know u will. I just afraid of me, myself. it's really hard just to keep still with this one person. Beside, my status still single..hee~

Actually, the real probs here i really afraid if i let u down.
..What if i really like u this time but as the time passing by, i like somebody else.
..or wat if im the one hoping for more and u were not?

i really afraid with this kind of things. owh, god..please if he is the one, take me to him. If not, get him out of my blood.

life 4 money

U can say anything u want, but still i wont change my money concept. I love MONEY, MONEY loves me too..COOL!!

We suddenly talk about the marriage budget. Im not sure why but i really love the 30,000rm number digit..for the hantaran.. the digit seems really nice! aim to get married is at 23old. now?im 20..shoot! How can i afford to pay and to have everything?

Here are some of the tips of how making lots of money. U can sell ur things in e-bay. Next, u can try to translate any article online and they will pay u per week. Also, u can try typing online and still u will get paid $2000-$8000. How perfect job that i have??

owh, don't forget to join the too..just supporting the advertisment, u will get the money..DAMN NICE!!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

new thing to be learn

haha(let me LOL first!) 2nd year, young senior..WOW!! We really need to handle all the things by ourselves like koke, course taken n bla bla bla.. The things we need to be settle down are :
a) see the dean to take his signature for the adding course we have
b) take result slip
c) pay for the re-check paper

Off we go to the campus about 9am. Then the first stop as we planned is to see the dean. But then we found out we suppose to settle it with head of department. Then 3 of us go straight to the head of department's officer and he's not there. Fine! We decided to settle down the repeat paper(us as accompanied). But then must be sent with the 1st slip exam. OUCHH!!

Then we decided to go to the koke to take one of the appropriate person to sign the form. And of the staff there said we need to go to the academic back again. Here, we go and they push us again to see the dean and lastly we found out actually we really need to settle down with the koke. (don't u see, just to settle the same thing, we've been 'pushed' away by difference person and lastly it been settle down by the 1st placed we go.sh0ot!)

This thing happen the same way for the other 2 things need to be settle down for today. It took from 9am till 12pm yet, it does not been settled. What a day =((

p/s : at least we learned new things of who and how to deal these things

Saturday, July 10, 2010

new sem, new rumate, new house, new energy needed!!

fuhh!!tired!!Great news juz for today :
1- I get hostel look juz like an apartment
2- It's fit for 3 person only
3- I get the top of the building(real high!)
4- I have to used the stairs ONLY! (escalator not provided)
5- All my roommate have the SAME NAME as I AM!!perghh..

what a great day i've been through. This will be this for this sem and another sem.
Hey..they still a great person to be roommate

doin doin =D

Friday, July 9, 2010

wish me

I will use all my day today online as tomorrow the new sem begin. hush!!so fast. I need to prepare my physical and mental as well. Wish all the best for me will ya!!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hidup Bola Dengan MILO

There's a new campaign supported by MILO to get all kinds of ADIDAS stuff.

All u need to do is click the same picture above in the left side.
p/s : ADIDAS my fav!! I click on it everytime i visit my blog. =D

the new sem begin

11 july 2010, new sem begin. I've really not ready for it. I really need to achieve more than what i have before to get my aim pointer back. But hey, I know I can get what i want all I need to do is not giving up and try harder and harder. God lord, please please help me..

twilight eclipse

8 July 10, first day released twilight eclipse. I've watched the 930pm show. What can i say, i really do loves the twilight a lot, thou. But the scenes where Bella need to consider her decision of her path life wther being a frozen girl or the hot-fresh-blooded girl. However, what i need to say is she(Bella) have the same situation where me and her loves two guys at the same times. But the difference is she loves Edward more till she give up everything in her life being a dead girl.

And for me, I do still have feelings with my first sem's man and the second sem's man. The first sem's man, I don't know what makes me loves about him but the second sem's man I do know that he is very sweet. Very very very sweet. His sweet behaviour just the same reason why i loves my ex damn much. But well, we couldn't make the relationship any further.

Even i know the second sem's man is really the best choice i could make but still if the first sem's man keep making his move, i might choose him instead of the second sem's down. Fuhh!! i never have this experienced before; love two guys at the same times. Shot!! It's really hard..

p/s: kalau ade jodoh xkemane..kan??

Sunday, July 4, 2010


fuhh!! so long the time taken juz to write a new post. well, deeply sorry guys. I juz felt so bored online with the person i expected to be online, is not online. wokeyh, today's new post is about our planning to have a great welcoming back party for my parents. They juz going to medan, Indonesia. Haa..what a short distance. But well, i juz felt like to give a really warm pleasant to them, they not somebody else they are my parents.

This is the plans :
- chicken bbq with black pepper sauce
- vege-satay bbq with peanut satay-like sauce
- carbonate miranda drinks

[the vege-satay not yet bbq]

It's not a real high class thing to be tempted but hey all my sisters are getting involved with tomorrow night's party. The youngest 4old. Cool!!

Other thing we have done, we really settling down our house. Since we moved, we all have our own business to do so, the house is really like 'tonggang tebalik'. haha..pretty shamed as the house keep four beauty princess and still the house have 'that' look.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

We Love Our Earth

There's been a new campaign promoted to save our Mother Nature. You can start promoting the campaign too. The higher the viewers on the link will give the good spread to everyone. Lets start Earth Day Every Day and Get Green NOW!!

dentyne confidence's come the dance competition. To those who feels like to dance or the dance is made up with them..this is what u need. visit the link below.

The prizes are RM10000, RM6000, and RM4000.

Grab it now till 12 Julai 01. Dance workshop also available till 17 Julai 01.


tea reduces cancer?

Whoaa!!isn't that fantastic? just drinking a cup or more green tea would reduce the ovarian cancer to 40%. However this need to be confirmed due to further research despite of research on human were inconsistent in the past. But the researches had confirmed the new findings and said "support the idea that antioxidants in tea may be beneficial against cancer in humans."

i need to go my tea-break time..toodles~

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

smoker haven

smoking causing u a lot of sickness. what if u still remain smoking but still keeping ur health too? have u heard about the smoking electronic? the new version of cigarettes for the addicted people have come to the solution. the feel,the taste,the look same as the real cigarettes only they have contains no hazardous ingredients. the smokes out is actually vapor. the interesting part, it comes out with different taste, cheaper, and the smoke are not detected by the smoker detecter.

SmokerHaven Electronic Cigarette from smokerhaven on Vimeo.

is it great?? so, live ur life to the fullest everyone. u can start to be green too!! =D
~have a nice day~

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

youth biding

it's a cute way of biding thou. this is seriously the first time i heard of "the lowest bid wins"..what a great event they created in the youth club. u can further view on . then u click it on "learn how it works."

the great thing about this bid is u might win cool prizes like ipod nano 8GB. all u need to do is sign up and the cool prizes might be yours!! wish u gudluck and all the best!! =D

Thursday, June 3, 2010


it's so sad..looking at the people u hv known before, were really success in their life. i used to feel that;the great thing in my life than others, but now i see it in different ways. i've become heartless, a little bit evil, and..

it seems my collapse day. it's been too long feeling the victory till i didn't noe how it feels like to be deeply down. it's really hurts and worst. i don't even noe how to get up. i don't even noe what actually that i want.

owh my..please..please help me..

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

falling in luv vs breaking up

after i watched video of shahir af8 : kebahgiaan dalam perpisahan, it had me thinking..

why when we're falling in luv everythg seems so perfect?? we are always happily together, doing thgs together, everythg is together..

but then when the breaking up's time come, we couldn't barely see the sparks that have been sparkling the relationship before even for the small thg it could be a big issue..(arghh..!!GILE PENAT LYN ORG..)

my simple question..why if we realize the love get dull and duller..we don't try to spark it back?? if the answer is u were too lazy to put that as the important part, then my guess u really don't wanna this relationship anymore. orait then, how bout u jz tell the truth; u don't want him/her..simple but it's really work!!

sometimes in life, we need to be truthful in what u feel. u dont need to keep "owh..she/he were too good too me. i cant barely tell that im getting married in just a week with someone i really love which that is suppose our plan." well u got to tell that person in whatever way!!at least he/she have time for recovery.what?? do u expect for the person to come to ur wedding after he/she jz knew the part he/she going to lose u in just a minute before u getting married??

owh!!if u would dare to do so well, u are one big COWARD!! dont worry. everyone can understand why and what. so...juz be honest to the one u loved and the one u cared or the one u have been loved and the one u have been cared..

[p/s: if that person still not understand what is going on,(myb he/she still shock) just make it that person understand IN WHAT EVER WAY!!]

-sowie for the little hush..but someone need to say before it going to happen again to other people.time for me to say nite..

huhu..the first time i heard it live, it really touches me..

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

about LINUX

LINUX is the generic term referring to UNIX-like operating system that use the LINUX kernel. LINUX kernel is entirely original piece of software developed by the LINUX community, where it's code is free.

The basic LINUX is matured when it is increase it's functionality(has been met with LINUX distribution).

LINUX distribution contains : standard component
set of administrative tools
- subsequent upgrading
- manage installation
- removal of other packages on the system

LINUX Version Number
Kernel with ODD minor-version number(ex: version 1.1,1.3,2.1) = development kernels
Kernel with EVEN minor-version number(ex: version 1.0,2.0,2.2) = stable production kernels.

p/s : update against stable kernel is a remedial version!

LINUX history
LINUX 1.0 -> is basic
LINUX 1.2 -> much wider in variety of devices
LINUX 2.0 -> support multiple architecture
-> support multiprocessor architecture

LINUX kernel is for the LINUX project and it is complete if it put with the other component. For the networking administration tool, LINUX take from the 4.3BSD(Berkeley Software Distribution) code. Recently, the FreeBSD take from the LINUX code.

LINUX Distribution
Fetch latest revision from FTP(File Transfer Protocol-a standard network protocol used to copy from one host to another over a TCP/IP-based network such as internet) sites and compiling them.
Provide means of unpacking all files into appropriate places.
It provide a standard-given the precompiled sets of package for easy installation.
It include package tracking-can be installed, updated or removed.

LINUX License
GNU general public license (GPL)

The Design Principle
The development carried by individual enthusiasts.
Useful in under 4MB of RAM.
Achieved official POSIX certification.

p/s : the full certification respect to the standard include the fee and the expend is SLOW. Therefore, the LINUX license remain to be GPL.

The Component Of LINUX System
System libraries
System utilities

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

a note to *****

He added me twice with different profile. Im not sure why but im guessing he were trying to test me..I guess(he always,always like to do so!). Hmm..he were too nice but it just I cannot fit with him. and I noe there's a girl that would appreciate u more than i do. I hope u could understand it. Hopefully..I wish u all the best and seeking for ur forgiveness. Hope u will do..Im sorry..Deeply..

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

im starting to like u..YES,I DO..hoping u would feel the same way..nyte =)

Friday, May 7, 2010

“Brightly coloured fruits and vegetables are a rich source of antioxidants" says dietitian Julie Gilbert.


Foods: Apricots, pawpaw, oranges, pumpkin, carrots.

Magic ingredient: Carotenoids, a classic mop-up-the-toxins antioxidant that helps with cell function.


Foods: Broccoli, spinach, bok choy, cabbage, lettuce, sprouts (alfalfa and Brussels).

Magic ingredients: Phytochemicals, lutein and folate. These antioxidants are like a mini medical team, scooting around the body healing damaged cells.


Foods: Tomatoes, guava, watermelon, red grapefruit, red capsicum.

Magic ingredient: Lycopene, your body’s defence hero. It protects white blood cells (the infection fighters).


Foods: Garlic, onions, potatoes, bananas.

Magic ingredients: Allicin (in garlic), potassium. Allicin, which gives garlic its aroma and flavour, cleans up all the junk in your bod – it’s classed as a super-antioxidant (like green tea). Potassium acts as an anti-inflammatory, so you’ll get less aches and pains.


Foods: Eggplants, figs, prunes, blueberries (buy frozen ones to avoid bankruptcy), blackberries, red wine (settle down, ladies – this means one glass only).

Magic ingredients: Lutein and zeaxanthin. These nice guys relax your blood vessels so your heart has an easier time pumping. They also help prevent age-related macular degeneration of the eye.

So..let's start to go to the market people!!inner we come!! =D

fake iPhone vs real iPhone

All this while, i thought im the one who doesn't know the right way to use the iPhone i get it from my dad. It turns out im not the one who have problem. It was actually a fake iPhone. No wonder there is so many thing i can't do.

These are the differences :

> A fake iPhone will not be recognize by iTunes on the computer.
> All apps will in the AppsStore will not work on it.
> Most of the fakes do not have wi-fi.
> Low sensitivity of the iPhone position. Need to rotate real hard to change to landscape or portrait.
> The camera's center are not center.

left : original, right : fake

left : original, center & right : fake

Conclusion : U might wanna choose the fake phone when u desperate in economics, styling and etc. Beside, it doesn't look much different. However, when u were thinking of buying a smart-phone, please do buy an original's one. It may save your life, though.. =))

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

the cam-ERA

wokeyh guys..
long time for me not posting any new topic in this blog. Run out of ideas..
Dun worry, no more..i like to talk about my new gadget; iPhone 3gs. I just started notice that the camera a bit confusing me!! let me tell u wat happen..

well, firstly when u see the phone, the picture looks REALLY BIG!! and we need to stand back more and more to see the whole view to snap. However, the pictures appeared to be extra view than it suppose to be. How can that possible..?? and how shud i noe that what i need to snap is snap..u noe wat i EXTRA view..i don't want to crop the pictures all the time to make sure the pics is what i thought i viewed..huh!!

i really need to learn this iPhone..owh my..what a cyber-world is this..

Sunday, May 2, 2010

filling up my desires..eating is the besh solution!!

Haha..who do not like to eat..?? Raise ur hands folks..
Im currently staying at Terengganu "Where Nature Embraces Heritage". Im kind a culture shock where i do like to eat vege A LOT..however most the food here are basically fishy and im not fish obsession. Hmm..having trouble to eat??YES!! Obvious daa..

So, coming back home I was like searching the vege in fridge like crazy and the sad part is, they were not buying anything and the fridge were closely that empty. Pretty upset, indeed!!

So, the next day, went up real early in the morning to go to Pasar Tani and search for pucuk paku and make it masak lemak cili api..nyummy!! Real taste. I still could taste it in my tongue! Damn great..and there u desire is finally fulfilled.

I finally could sleep safe and sound..hmm.. =))

Friday, April 30, 2010

3rd day with iPhone

Walaa..this is my first time posting a blog with smartphone iPhone 3gs. So, if i do some typing errors, do forgive me. Beside, this is my 3rd day im using it. Felt awkward. It's quite impressive for the features of this phone. However im not quite get use of it. It did takes longer time for me to write even for just a short messages and real longest time to posting a blog though. My God. I kept asking what on earth do the people like touchscreen keypad?? does slowing down the typing. You can blame it to it's small keypad with high sensitive sensor.

Hey hey..i think im getting faster in typing. Thanks for the writing and give a big applause to me. Lalalala~

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

im starting to like u..

owh mine..
what a hard situation..there are two guls wif one guy..n this two guls like the same guy..
who will he choose then..??
it's become hard when this two guls are close..real close. only both of this guls don't want to tell the truth even people around keep asking do u like him and the first lady keep answering she like other guy. and the second gul?? well, she juz keep it silent. she juz getting closer to this guy where nobody noes where and when. it's getting worst when the second gul don't wanna give up to tackle him and the first lady always gets everyone advice to tackle him. like my first posting, where im the second gul who never have this spirit for not letting him go. maybe i could only if he not trying to do anythg wat im asking like..

i do request for him not to wearing his cap..his fav cap
and yet he did when he send me to the airport. i did ask him where is the hat and he jz smile n told it's been stolen by whoever. but the point is he did wearing the cap-where it shud be stolen before he was going to hometown.

next, he suppose not going to swim with us but then im the one requested to go with him and he acted as a driver. however, things changed. i suddenly go with the first lady's car not his car as the plan. im in the middle of two; him or her. so i choose her. when she already find out he going too she suddenly decided not to go. and im the one who persuaded her to go with. she's to kind but yet im still not giving up to give him away. im not sure why, but this is the first time i feel it that way. whatever i want sumthg, i must get it. i can let it go easily if he showing me that im no one for him. or myb im the one 'terperasan'.

however, it's seems like he do like the first lady too. We riding bikes and the first lady don't have any bike to ride on and he seems to take care much of her.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

pimples like the witches have..ewww!!!

where should i began..
my hearts pumped out like..well there's no words appearing yet
and it's really messed up my mind
till there's some kind like a pimple for the evil witch in the chin..??'s really gross!!

somehow im kind a ready to have a relationship..
it's really out of the target..
i don't think i would ready..but yes..i did..i think..
the good think is..there is a good girl with a good base of region
all of us seems to know her heart..her feeling towards this guy..
the guy that seems not losing his faith on me..
im not sure if what i felt is what it is the one hoping for it
i trying to give her the chances but somehow..he showing up next to me..

if..if he trying not to get close to me..or owh my..
both of me and her..seems having a same trouble..
before this..there is no such desire like this..
im willing to give the guy to the the girl i think it suits him the most
but now..kind to say..i hoping for me to have him..
and never thought of giving up..
even i deeply know maybe..we would not last long..
pretty said greedy and selfish for myself..
and i know..the fact is..both of us..
will ready to let him go..for not letting us getting hurt..
but till not giving up..

owh my..who i would become..??