Wednesday, October 6, 2010

reading up my diary

how do u feel when sumone read ur diary that says :

Dear diary, he really did smtg to me!gosh!thought no one wouldn't realized. guess im wrong. it showed all over my face. i just couldn't resist. How could sumone i love forget my besday?? Not only that..the date he said is sumone else besday..grr~

But that was only an act, nothing more..he edy prepared the whole thg up..SURPRISE!!!! there go.. if only i cud eat him wildly, how ful!! im sooo mad but then there r no words came out only how i really missed him n just wanna hold u tight.

thinking back..actually i am ready for this whole thing n i like to keep it continue..mish u dear..muachhhxx a lot!!!

and that someone who read him..the one im talking shy..but..who cares..that is how i felt =D)

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