Tuesday, September 28, 2010


"awak jaat jaat jaat sgt jaat..awak sje wat kt nanges psl mende nie..mencila!!"

gyle bang ahh..ive cried for the lil surprise bdah party for myself. he really made me think its real;all the acts. but im touched. all the effort he made..all the stuff he did..well, guess he's the one i ever wanted.

juz imagine, when there is a cake and someone called him..i jz wanna shout "please dun called his name no more. im sicked by the name at my bday. grrr~"
wat a tough young man have to handle this lil complicated gul. spe suh blakon ingat besday pmpn laen..

wateva it is..we r now back together..and just wanna say Thank You So Much. I'd Appreciate


  1. huh!!!ngutuk aq eaaa...xpe2..dialah yg aq syg..huuu~

  2. wahh... itu yg kite mau... love the way u want... never cheat... once u accept someone, accept him forever k...:)

  3. heee...tenkiu capik!!ko wat aq teharu =D)

  4. good... no matter what will happen later, think its as just a simple task that u should through it with heppiness... ur life is ur management.. choose it... :)