Thursday, January 19, 2012

Re: Judging your friend's partner

When you get insomnia, your mental going to be a bit retarded. And everything you did, said and whatever sometimes get..confuse. Same goes to my previous post. Bila baca balik rasa..eww, what the hell im talking about. Sungguh tak faham, seriously! haha.

Let me rehearse it back.
  • When one of your friend having a new relationship with the special person for him/her, what you need to do is feel happy for your friend happiness. 
  • Then next day, you find out that your friend left you for this one person that he/her just met and you felt a bit strange. You may say that you're not but think carefully. Did you or did you not?
  • Lepas tu, you saw some changes. Dulu dia seorang penjimat and now dia spend almost everything for the loved one, dulu dia seorang yang selalu hang out dengan kawan and now nak jumpa batang hidung pun sangat susah, dulu dia..dan sekarang dia.. You started to get worried. Thank you. It shows that you are taking care of your friend.
  • Your curiosity nak tahu every single things makin menjadi-jadi. So, dalam senyap-senyap konon tak nak tahu pasal tepi kain orang tapi sedikit sebanyak memerhati juga keadaan sekeliling. Next thing you realize you have negative thoughts.
  • There you have it a story of king/queen control. Pretty little phenomenon happen here isn't it?

Don't pointing before asking.
  • Sometimes memang wujudnya king/queen control kat dalam dunia ni. Tapi bukan semua. Cinta itu kan buta. Sebab kasih, they tend to make every possible steps that will make you as a friend feel..what a BIG CHANGES.
  • A man, when he felt he found the right person for his life he would do anything, treat her like Queen. This is the normal way for him to express his love is pure. I bet, you will not going to say a word if the guy take her with the ring but you will do and feel different when she is just GF's status. Why he's not yet proposing her to the alley? Hey, that is your friend problem not her's. Don't put the blame towards others. Siasat dulu.
  • A lady, when she felt she found the one, she will do anything for her love. As we all know, female's love are very strong and emotional. Sebab tu la sampai ada kes sanggup buat apa saja demi kasih yang terlarang. Im not blaming. That's normal when to people in love, and owh well kita semua ada nafsu. But this is not the point here.
My point is, bila kita jumpa apa yang kita cari, kita akan sanggup berlapar demi menjaga barang kita. Sebab kita tahu kita akan susah nak mencari balik apa yang kita ada. There's people yang suka makan budi and others are independent and sangat tak suka makan budi. So which is your friend's partner? Macam mana nak tahu before judging?

The answer is you can't. If you just a friend for only one sided, you will not get the answer correctly. You're eyes may said 'A' but the truth speaks 'B'. You never know.
  • Your friend were so in love sampai sanggup berkorban apa sahaja. Dia sanggup menyusahkan diri sendiri untuk menyenangkan dan melihat si dia bahagia. But do you really know yang si dia tu bahagia atau mengambil kesempatan? Kadang-kadang pasangan ni bergaduh sebab kes dia rasa bersalah sangat sebab asyik bagi pinjam latest gadget dekat si dia yang dicintai. Walhal si dia tak nak pun tapi dia insist. Dah nak buat macam mana kan, jaga hati punya pasal ambil lah jugak. Comelkan? But do you know the real story if only that you see is your friend tak sempat nak godek dah kekasih dia ambil and you feel annoyed sebab nampak cam dia showed off. Mana tahu sebenarnya kawan awak tuh suh chat guna menda alah tu ke. Yang you nampak SHOWING OFF..pfftt!!
That is only the part of the story. Tapi fahamlah situasi tu macam mana kan. So, people outside there, don't judge the book by the looks. Wokeyh, what you have see is they get into fight a lot. Punca sebenar?? If you just hear one part of the story, you can't be the publisher. Simple statement but it strictly stated. Kita semua dah besar. So, i'll end the story here for now. See you in the next post.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Judging your friend's lover

There are certain people who like to judge every single relationship that happen in front of his/her eyes.

Some people will jump to conclusion how someone controlling his/her partner.

And this some people will keep telling others about their findings which we are not sure the correctness of these findings results.

These 'things' suddenly appears to be one of the hottest issue for the gossiping team.

Let's make it clear:
  • Some people will do anything to the one he/she called as a soulmate.
  • He/she will be soo happy doing all stuff for the happiness of the loves one.

  • You may seeing it as a king/queen control but you should be happy if your friends is happy in the way they are. Sometimes, your friend just like to be the 'puppy dog' going anywhere he/she wants to go. It is their nature to show how much love he/she willing to sacrifice. All you need to do, be happy for your friend as long as your friend do not involve with the crazy stuff. Be supportive!
  • You may not know what is the other partner feels about your friend's concern. You may be judging that he/she do the controlling but it may under the request of your friend. You may not believe it but there is a person who are so taking care of his/her loved ones till he/she would protect his/her partner from a mosquito bites. It may sound unrealistic but that is the way of your friend shows the feelings of 'love'. Beside, your friend's bf/gf may sometimes feel uncomfortable with all the sacrifices but what can he/she do if your friend is begging to death to treat the lover that way. Remember, not all of us are a bad guys but it is you who interpret it wrongly. So classic.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Haha..tengok tajuk die pown ase blushing wokeyh..susah la nak wat love expression kat depan depan pe tah lagi kat public. cukopla sekadar faham the action made special to that person. xyah nk kecoh, xyah nak kepoh. dah taw diam2 je. biar aim senyap2 nanti xdela jadi bahan xpun xdela frust menonggeng law xdapat..kan3?? wat malu je law satu dunia taw..well that's my POI la..pastuh lagi best bile da dpt pun senyap2 dulu..da setahun baru kecohkan sikit2..sonok oww..based on pengalaman, lagi sonok ase bile ade org admire laki kite ckp mende cute things kat awek laki die admire sendiri. bukan senang taw nk dengar sume tu bile dorang taw who am i. sume mende nak cover. law senyap2..sumenye ialah real world with no hypocrisy. hahaha  =D

tapi untuk kali nie..lantak la..i just wanna burst out the feelings here jugak. soo..ehem..

Dear my dearest man,
i've already started to like you since the first time i've seen you doing our first PT together with the alpha group. Do you still remember how well you perform the mendagu thing? (maybe you dont cause you always done well). Its amazed. Then it just got worst when im adoring your innocent. I still remember how you feel pretty uneasy with girls. That is just the way you are and i like it. But well, im not ready for any of this. So i forget about you, everything about you only been kept for couple of months and it pooofff! It when missing. At that time..gudbye awak..

After a year, we've became pretty closed. How? entah. i dont even remembered but you said you do. It doesn't matter. It's your time now to mengorat me..hehe..that what you always said and i just used those word. Sorry hun.

Today, we've been together for 1 year plus. We have been arguing, loving, jealousy and stuff that couple have, we have it. Truth is, i just hate to have a fight with you. You the only man who really made my life difficult when we had a fight. Still, im the one who pick the fight first. cehh..!

Sayang, from those men outside here, you are the one i've choose. The one who i wanna live with. The one who will spend time together till the end. Dear, the way you treated me like a fantasy little princess really makes my heart melting every single time we've dating. The innocent type of you is just a complete packaged. Everything seems going well so far.

From the previous years, you the one who changed me like me now. And i appreciated it, much. So, please sayang take care of my heart very well as it could be broken into pieces i cant live anymore. This heart has became a lot stronger than before when im with you but this heart is fragile. Once broken consider sold. hehe that's just metaphor.

So, in this diary of mine, saya Fatimah Zulkifly want to make declaration to Muhammad Zubair love for you is everything after i've giving to my parents, family and my besties. Hee..But you will be my prior, someday. And for this Someday..i will wait..patiently.. <3