Friday, June 24, 2011

serious couple or just more than friend relationship

Salam. Tengok tajuk tu pun da dapat bayangkan its all bout comitment! Wokeyh, lets hear the story first than u judge.

1- there's a men. His good looking and a very well body shaped too. He brings the sexy look! What on earth thus girls who doesnt want him. The problem is he is very well in sweet talk. So, we couldnt know when he is exactly honestly said. Ok, then hear this more. He meet this one girl. She knows exactly all the tehniques he's been using for her as she also the same type of this men; the sweet talker. But then she really realize she had crush on him. He on the other hand he knows what her feelings and he also knows deep in his heart that she's the only girl who really know how to treat him with the way he wanted to be treated as speaking he have the attitude problems too. The girl ready to give commitment and he only said "i like u too and i would love to couple with u but make it as transparent couple( teman tapi mesra )". She than went with other guy who worth living with and left him with regret and keep telling her its would be wonderful as she is always be his dream girl but it was too late to realize.

It could happen to male and also female. We as human always tends to make mistakes but better realize it now than it was too late. We can avoid it if only u keep honestly said with your hearts and willing to take one step further. Dont always think too much. Just get what u want than think how to make everything go with plan. Good luck!!

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selamat malam

Maharaja lawak final da pn stat. Tp xdapat nak tengok. Kami satu family + family abg mak p blik kampung. Sok ad kenduri kawen anak maklong. Haha semangat gak nk blik malam ni kan. Xtaw la nk wat pe kat lam kete ni. Nak tidow tapi salah time la plak aq ttdow ptg td..kan da parah. Bet pulak ad kat joho. Ada kerja yang perlu dikotakan. Windunye kat die.. Sayang, jaga diri taw!!

Hmm hanya 1 je yg mampu aq wat buat masa ni: belog..hmm..dalame xupdate mende ni. Nak type lg satu entry la. Sal orang yang macam nk ad psgn kapel sdr tp tkot nk bg komitmen.huh!!

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Saturday, June 11, 2011


It's a wonder thou the one and only Olsen twins, MaryKate and Ashley still and always be a public figure around the world. They started to be an actress since they were kids and they turning their life path to be a hot clothes company, The Row. Now, they were declare to be a billionaire status. Guess what, they are just 25 years old. One of the young riches persons in the world. What a great-creative job they were doing.

What impress me is the price of each clothes they sell. Most of the prices are around 100++ to 2000++ in POUND!! What?? Just calculate how much would it be cost when we convert it to RM currency? Haa..I rather prefer to buy the uptown stuffs with the same money amount but different number in quality i mean quantity.

Well, im not pretty sure why does it cost to much. But all i know all the designers is the most wanted designers among the celebrities. But hey, just look at their collection. It just a simply design which i can say not lot differents with the branding clothes that not that high in prices. No wonder they can be a billionaire that fast. In fact, im still wonder who would be willing to have that type of clothes?? Simply simple + too expensive? Well, all persons have different types of opinions. Maybe it's really fits with the person's tastes. Who knows.. Im just babbling here without knowing how was it like to be. Im just judging it all only by the looks.

If you ever wonder how is it like, click here (The Row Collections)

Also if you like to view differents branding with the same base pricing tagging, click here (Net-A-Porter)

P/s : Im sure you will like it =D

Friday, June 10, 2011

new korean variety show turns to be a very dangerous situation (SOS)

Have you heard of SS501 singer group? Well they've been involved to this new variety show called SOS. This show is about solving the unsolved case. It's pretty amazing thou when singer group like that were involved in something that might get into serious very serious situation. As you have seen the Detective Conan.

What is special about this variety shows, is all the cases they were trying to solve is a REAL CASE. Non of the scenes are faulty just for the ranking purpose. To solve just only one case, they were bring to different places, meeting different personality of a person that may scares you. You also will feel as if you were them. They brings you cases that you wont believed it really do happens.

Some of those cases get solved and others remains mysterious. They have to handle many situations that can bring death. It's getting really scared when they've just notice that they were being watched from those people who doesn't want the case to be revealed.

You can watch the series of the shows in the youtube. All you need to do is type 'SS501 SOS'. Selamat Menonton!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

the poem special made for the 'bride'

3 years im hiding myself is not my type
3 years i keep bleeding my heart with the full of red blood
3 years i keep telling myself u r absolutely not worth it as a man
n this past 3 years u just sold your sad story about your 'marriage' which i dont see any

those days are over
im back full of new smell
the smell of new refreshment and the smell of new life

then u came back
bringing the bride
you look good together and im happy for both of you
it is for your own happiness and glad you could make it

but when you and your bride keep stalking all my wall and i believe my pic too....


hey yo listen heart saying this out loud>>>

the truth is im sicked of u.
im tired of how u've been treating me all this while.
theres a bullshit there when u said u were not hapie but i keep seeing u both laughing out loud
huh!!how dumb if anyone to believe ur ass!!

theres another story u've created about me.
the nice story i have heard about how im deeply crazy bout u.. *WTF*
then the story of her might be the creation of yours.
making me feel pity to her but not u SkinnyBoneHead!!

u were very thoughtful when u noe everything what happen around me which u put a spy
n i no none of u..damn fair!!

i made a mistake when i follow what my heart said.
all i wanted to do just to noe 'how r u'.
then again ur beautiful 'wife' added me as her fwend.
im not ur foe my sweatheart's wife.
but when u started to keep coming in our girls conversation u put a big headache on my brains!!

dont u realize u were not suppose to do the tiggy bibly lob in front of me.
u making everyone else felt sick.
we know u hapie with her.
dont just put ur extra energy to show the happiness in front of ur face.

i noe im not a good gf either.
but at least im not a creator to get everyone attention!!

p/s : i once said we will be fwen forever but i guess we are fwends who will not contact each other. The creator of yours are a waste. and the pain u left it just a reminder.

Monday, June 6, 2011


orang ckp cinta pertama ssh nk dilupakan. yeahh??ntah..i think my first luv is at my first sight which die xbg respon pon..well..sbb aq tjmp die kat shoping mall n obviously i xknl die. haha merepek je kn..??tu ms darjah 5 kalau tak silap la..zaman bebudak dlu. biasa la tuh.

betul ke perhubungan yang agak lama bagi diri seseorang pun akan kadang2 teringat2 kembali? walau sebenci mana dia kat bekas pasangan die, die akan somehow teringat juga. yeah?? maybe its true. its just new and the bahang of 'that' moment (weither sad or happy) u will still remember of it.

orang cakap jika cinta yang diharapkan xkesampaian, next cinta yang akan dicari mukanya akan hampir serupa. kalau x..selagi tula die akan tetap mencari dan mencari. tengok jela pada muka isteri M.Nasir tuh. agak2 serupa kan dengan muka arwah bini die? tengok juga pada Jennifer Aniston bekas bini Brad Pitt. smp sekarang die xtamatkn zaman bujang die. maybe sebab die xdpt nk lepaskan lagi Brad Pitt dalam hidup die walaupun die cakap sebaliknya.

so..kesimpulannya, susahkan bila bercinta rupa2nya bercinta pada orang salah (yang bukan jodoh)??

Friday, June 3, 2011

Puas rasa bila dapat lepaskan apa yang dah pergi

salam. lepas lama aq xsanggup nk jmp die..akhirnya aq brani kan diri jugak. die mkin bhgie..elok lah mcm tuh. mmg tu pn wish aq sblm ptuskn sgale hbgn dgn die..dluw pn aq xlah baek mne. tpgruh dgn kwn. tula akibatnya. aq xjd aq. tp smuenya da tlambat. slh kami berdue buatkn smuenye jd mcmni. xpe aq la punca permulaannya. aq pn bosan gak mstuh. lme2 sgt. die pn kte nk kwen lmbt. aq nk cpt. mknenye kami mmg dr awl xde jodoh. itu hny skdr hiburan hidup.

lps lama kami menyepi akhirnye aq decide sje nk tny nk kaba. alhamdulilah smuenye wokeyh. aq ngat aq xmampu. aq mampu upenye siap tgk gmbr tiap romantik moment bhgie bila dia bhgie. papepn kami ttp kwn mcm dluw. cume kat cnie aq btul2 nk minx maaf. utk diri aq sdr. aq mengaku ada ketika aq tersosial lbeyh. walau mcm tuh aq ttp thu jg maruah. sosial itu hny sementara. aq tergoda dgn dunia xseberapa. bkn aq sng dipengaruhi. tp aq jz nk rs dunie dowg tuh mcmne. aq xderla smp p tpt mne2 mlm2. aq hny berjalan bwk dri siang hri je. aq msih ank makaya. so there's no way nk p mne2 tnpe hala tujuan memlm bute.

ap yg aq wat dluw mgkin xditerima die. die berdiam dan berfikir. xtny dan xnk pn tny ap yg die fikir. biarkan je. yang lepas biar lepas. tp aq tahu die xsuke aq melepak bersama mereka. walau macam tu, kwan ttp kwn. dowglah yg ajar erti kwn sbnr. xde kepuraan dan penuh kesetiaan. ms skola dlu, bkn xder yg kwn sbnr, tp ssh nk crik. msing2 ade niat. bg budak howt nk crik gosip. pe jee yg budak howt xtaw gosip terkini. kn3?? kdg2 walau kwn ttp kne simpan rahsia tu btul2. jgn tslh bg. sdikit sumber blh mengembangkan sgalenye. dan payah bile ade cikgu pn nk msuk cmpur.

kwn biarlah ramai. biarlah kt sedar spe didunia nie. yg baik kt ambek. yg jht kt tnggalkan. aq ttp kwn sume. tp aq tahu jarak mne tiap hubungan sbgai seorang kwn. dan aq pljri sumenyer. dan aq mengerti sebab die pergi. maafkan aq xdpt jdik yg terbaik. aq cbe utk tdk memberikn segalanya. jiwa dan hati penah diremukkan oleh sang die yg gila. mungkin skunk die dah berubah. dan awk..jd titian sy utk bergerak maju ke hdpn kluar dr kepompong takutkan dan bencikan sume laki. maafkan sy disaat sy temui keberanian sy bergaul dgn bermcm prgai pulak. sowie yea..

sy berusaha utk berubah. walau jujurnya sy dah bosan dgn perhubungan yg lama secara mendatar..yela..awk spm then sy plak spm tp sy nk awak tahu sy terima kasih dekat awk krn pernah terima saya. dan perpisahan kt buatkan sy lebih bljr utk menerima dan menyayangi psgn kt. dan sy pn nk awk tahu sy pn bhgie skrg. so kt fair n square la kan..hee~

awak jg dri awak baik2. kalo nk kawen jgn lupe ajk taw. tp asenye ckoplah hny skdr disini. kt xmgkin bertemu lg. sy pn da nk pndh. dan asenye itu yang terbaik. haha ckp da wokeyh tp last2 xbjmpe lg baek..pelik!!bak kate die..ckp cam k****g..ngee~ sy terindu awak dan sy hny nk mnguji ketahanan hati sy je sbnrnyer. dah move on pn..ucap terima kaseh kat org yg sy syg la..die yg terbaik.. ^_^