Friday, June 10, 2011

new korean variety show turns to be a very dangerous situation (SOS)

Have you heard of SS501 singer group? Well they've been involved to this new variety show called SOS. This show is about solving the unsolved case. It's pretty amazing thou when singer group like that were involved in something that might get into serious very serious situation. As you have seen the Detective Conan.

What is special about this variety shows, is all the cases they were trying to solve is a REAL CASE. Non of the scenes are faulty just for the ranking purpose. To solve just only one case, they were bring to different places, meeting different personality of a person that may scares you. You also will feel as if you were them. They brings you cases that you wont believed it really do happens.

Some of those cases get solved and others remains mysterious. They have to handle many situations that can bring death. It's getting really scared when they've just notice that they were being watched from those people who doesn't want the case to be revealed.

You can watch the series of the shows in the youtube. All you need to do is type 'SS501 SOS'. Selamat Menonton!!

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  1. Deeply sorry. This shows were recorded at 2006. So, its not a new variety show. Still i really recommended for the readers to watch it. It's really bring you the anxiety to get the answers to all the unsolved cases. Good Luck!!