Saturday, June 11, 2011


It's a wonder thou the one and only Olsen twins, MaryKate and Ashley still and always be a public figure around the world. They started to be an actress since they were kids and they turning their life path to be a hot clothes company, The Row. Now, they were declare to be a billionaire status. Guess what, they are just 25 years old. One of the young riches persons in the world. What a great-creative job they were doing.

What impress me is the price of each clothes they sell. Most of the prices are around 100++ to 2000++ in POUND!! What?? Just calculate how much would it be cost when we convert it to RM currency? Haa..I rather prefer to buy the uptown stuffs with the same money amount but different number in quality i mean quantity.

Well, im not pretty sure why does it cost to much. But all i know all the designers is the most wanted designers among the celebrities. But hey, just look at their collection. It just a simply design which i can say not lot differents with the branding clothes that not that high in prices. No wonder they can be a billionaire that fast. In fact, im still wonder who would be willing to have that type of clothes?? Simply simple + too expensive? Well, all persons have different types of opinions. Maybe it's really fits with the person's tastes. Who knows.. Im just babbling here without knowing how was it like to be. Im just judging it all only by the looks.

If you ever wonder how is it like, click here (The Row Collections)

Also if you like to view differents branding with the same base pricing tagging, click here (Net-A-Porter)

P/s : Im sure you will like it =D

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