Friday, June 24, 2011

serious couple or just more than friend relationship

Salam. Tengok tajuk tu pun da dapat bayangkan its all bout comitment! Wokeyh, lets hear the story first than u judge.

1- there's a men. His good looking and a very well body shaped too. He brings the sexy look! What on earth thus girls who doesnt want him. The problem is he is very well in sweet talk. So, we couldnt know when he is exactly honestly said. Ok, then hear this more. He meet this one girl. She knows exactly all the tehniques he's been using for her as she also the same type of this men; the sweet talker. But then she really realize she had crush on him. He on the other hand he knows what her feelings and he also knows deep in his heart that she's the only girl who really know how to treat him with the way he wanted to be treated as speaking he have the attitude problems too. The girl ready to give commitment and he only said "i like u too and i would love to couple with u but make it as transparent couple( teman tapi mesra )". She than went with other guy who worth living with and left him with regret and keep telling her its would be wonderful as she is always be his dream girl but it was too late to realize.

It could happen to male and also female. We as human always tends to make mistakes but better realize it now than it was too late. We can avoid it if only u keep honestly said with your hearts and willing to take one step further. Dont always think too much. Just get what u want than think how to make everything go with plan. Good luck!!

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