Wednesday, June 8, 2011


hey yo listen heart saying this out loud>>>

the truth is im sicked of u.
im tired of how u've been treating me all this while.
theres a bullshit there when u said u were not hapie but i keep seeing u both laughing out loud
huh!!how dumb if anyone to believe ur ass!!

theres another story u've created about me.
the nice story i have heard about how im deeply crazy bout u.. *WTF*
then the story of her might be the creation of yours.
making me feel pity to her but not u SkinnyBoneHead!!

u were very thoughtful when u noe everything what happen around me which u put a spy
n i no none of u..damn fair!!

i made a mistake when i follow what my heart said.
all i wanted to do just to noe 'how r u'.
then again ur beautiful 'wife' added me as her fwend.
im not ur foe my sweatheart's wife.
but when u started to keep coming in our girls conversation u put a big headache on my brains!!

dont u realize u were not suppose to do the tiggy bibly lob in front of me.
u making everyone else felt sick.
we know u hapie with her.
dont just put ur extra energy to show the happiness in front of ur face.

i noe im not a good gf either.
but at least im not a creator to get everyone attention!!

p/s : i once said we will be fwen forever but i guess we are fwends who will not contact each other. The creator of yours are a waste. and the pain u left it just a reminder.

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