Monday, December 19, 2011

Haha..tengok tajuk die pown ase blushing wokeyh..susah la nak wat love expression kat depan depan pe tah lagi kat public. cukopla sekadar faham the action made special to that person. xyah nk kecoh, xyah nak kepoh. dah taw diam2 je. biar aim senyap2 nanti xdela jadi bahan xpun xdela frust menonggeng law xdapat..kan3?? wat malu je law satu dunia taw..well that's my POI la..pastuh lagi best bile da dpt pun senyap2 dulu..da setahun baru kecohkan sikit2..sonok oww..based on pengalaman, lagi sonok ase bile ade org admire laki kite ckp mende cute things kat awek laki die admire sendiri. bukan senang taw nk dengar sume tu bile dorang taw who am i. sume mende nak cover. law senyap2..sumenye ialah real world with no hypocrisy. hahaha  =D

tapi untuk kali nie..lantak la..i just wanna burst out the feelings here jugak. soo..ehem..

Dear my dearest man,
i've already started to like you since the first time i've seen you doing our first PT together with the alpha group. Do you still remember how well you perform the mendagu thing? (maybe you dont cause you always done well). Its amazed. Then it just got worst when im adoring your innocent. I still remember how you feel pretty uneasy with girls. That is just the way you are and i like it. But well, im not ready for any of this. So i forget about you, everything about you only been kept for couple of months and it pooofff! It when missing. At that time..gudbye awak..

After a year, we've became pretty closed. How? entah. i dont even remembered but you said you do. It doesn't matter. It's your time now to mengorat me..hehe..that what you always said and i just used those word. Sorry hun.

Today, we've been together for 1 year plus. We have been arguing, loving, jealousy and stuff that couple have, we have it. Truth is, i just hate to have a fight with you. You the only man who really made my life difficult when we had a fight. Still, im the one who pick the fight first. cehh..!

Sayang, from those men outside here, you are the one i've choose. The one who i wanna live with. The one who will spend time together till the end. Dear, the way you treated me like a fantasy little princess really makes my heart melting every single time we've dating. The innocent type of you is just a complete packaged. Everything seems going well so far.

From the previous years, you the one who changed me like me now. And i appreciated it, much. So, please sayang take care of my heart very well as it could be broken into pieces i cant live anymore. This heart has became a lot stronger than before when im with you but this heart is fragile. Once broken consider sold. hehe that's just metaphor.

So, in this diary of mine, saya Fatimah Zulkifly want to make declaration to Muhammad Zubair love for you is everything after i've giving to my parents, family and my besties. Hee..But you will be my prior, someday. And for this Someday..i will wait..patiently.. <3

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Best quote of the day

There's so many things happen for the past of the weeks. It just a small matter but it suddenly became big issue and its SERIOUS!. Who's the virus here? not sure. Who's having bad weeks experience? We are. Who's having the nightmare? They are.

This thing is still under investigation. For the time being, our activities slows down a little bit. Hope it's get better. For my behalf, i am a person who does not take this too seriously. Everything that happen i somehow not there. So far, i cant tell what is what only hear what and what. My concern goes to the pride of our batch and also the pride for all the innocent ones.

On this date, i officially publish the quote from Left. Muda Shida "Senior jangan OVER, Junior jangan MANJA". This quote tells everything!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

advice for both of you..if only you read

. There's a voice inside my head tells, u never reach it....

That is only a part of the climb lyrics. November, the monsoon is call here in Terengganu. To see the sun its a miracle. Ok, that is just a hyperbola but we are really need the help call The Umbrella to back up. Its cold here and we need a fire to warm us up. The wind is chilling till we get blown away. And for those people call The Student who have all assignment to pass up, they might end up sleep..include me. haha but somehow or rather i feel so i do need the sleep for now. For my fyp, hold it for second to give me ideas after wakes up and good dream. yeehaaa!!

I am a person sometimes believe that our dreams tells us the future if only you know how to read the dreams. For example if u dream there's a crocodile chasing after you,  it means there's gonna be a man who is going to chase it for a moment. That might lead to good or even bad depends on how you going to handle it. Another dreams meaning is when you dream about your family who ignoring you till you cried out means you have been ignoring your family for a quite long. The tears you cried out shows that how sad is your family for missing you. Take note of that. Family first then others.

Last night, my dream are soo..are not accepted. I hate this guy. Well not that hate hate, but it is better for i keep out from him or watsoeva about him. Between me and him is history. I said for myself there's no way for me to be friend of that sucker but my dreams tells otherwise. He suddenly tells his secret. Secret about his life, relationship with her girl. And what i dont like is he is going to dump her like he did to me for the other girl if and only if that her dream girl responds back to him. Yes, i do wish them to break years before just to give that girl a lesson how blinds she is if he can do it, he will do it again. So there's no wonder that girl are so over protective. Padan muka laki tu baru tahu who precious now. But it was to late. That is only my feelings years ago but i do wish them to be together till the end now. But for him to do that again, it's sad. It is awkward seems like we are a good friends together. Ewww!!hate that part. Please keep it away from me. He is a man who i cannot trust despite to our past. He is soo...out!! I dont know why i have wasted my tears for laki xguna tu then i realized he is not the man im in love with after culture-shock series begun.

If my dream are real that he will do that for that girl, please im hoping for that guy to stop his feelings and his thought right away. You guys have been dated for 3years plus now. Dont waste your all feelings. It's sad. To that girl, it's KARMA babeh.. haha what a bad girl i am. im sorry. but i wishing for that girl if that truly happen, please strengthen yourself and i know u can do it. Dont be like me. I know you are much better than me and  for that reasons, he still can be with you longer than our relationship. You must well aware he likes chocolate, keeps on doing that to get his heart. Be with him till the end, orite? Hope you guys will last long.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Cerita yang Tak Ada Kena Mengena

Alkisahnya, ada 2 sahabat yang baik. tapi diorang nie pelik skit. Depan kawan2 macam begaduh tapi bila berdua, masing2 macam ada perasaan. Tapi nak wat camne, kawan hanya lah sampai kawan je. (eh, lupe nak bagitau, nie kisah seekor burung merpati dan seekor kucing)

Diorang nie kawan kejap je. Pastu terpaksa bepisah. Dah namanya pun merpati, memang suka berhijrah. Bila kucing perasaan je merpati tuh da xde baru la die rasa kehilangan. Ntah berapa tahun kemudian diorang jumpa balik. Kisah jejak kasih kan memang sedih tapi gembira tahap perghhh.. Sampai sekarang la diorang berkawan.

Nak dijadikan cerita, si kucing ni tanya la macam2 kat merpati pasal paras rupa lah apelah. Si merpati layan je. Die pun memang xpaham pe yang kucing tuh tanya sangat memule tapi lama2 tuh barula die dapat pickup. (lumpy gak merpati nie upenye). Tiba2 kucing nie masuk bab yang serius. Merpati nie sedih je tapi wat2 happy.

Merpati da lama tahu kucing ada hati kat die tapi setiap kali kucing tuh bagitau mesti die tengah mempunyai hubungan dengan merpati yang lain. Namanya pun merpati seekor burung. Bukankah zaman tradisi dulu kala kucing akan jadikan burung itu satu alat permainan dia?

Ikutkan hati, merpati ada menyimpan perasaan jugak kat kucing seperti kucing tuh tapi kehidupan merpati yang selalu berpindah-randah menyebabkan perhubungan dengan kucing tu agak terbatas. Walaupun akhirnya merpati tu decide nak tinggal dengan kalangan merpati yang lain, dia tetap berharap untuk kucing tu tunggu dia. bila? merpati sendiri xdapat nak pasti. merpati xnak bagi janji takut nanti memakan diri.betul ke xkeputusan yang merpati buat nie pun merpati xtaw. hanya mampu tunggu dan lihat.

chewah ayat..hehe..nie sume gara-gara  kuiz Humam Computer Interaction la nie. kuiz online die yang tetiba suruh mengarang. Experience baru nie. hehe. nie la jawapan aq wat. lebih kurang macam nie la but in BI. amacam?ase2 kuiz die untuk soalan mengarang nie, bape markah penuh?

Thursday, October 6, 2011

kami da slesai

Yeah..akhirnye yang kami dok latih malam2 tu da slesai pd pkul 10 pg td..yeay! Semuanye wokeyh. Part paling best, ms wat ada plak satu part yg ktorg tehentak xsame..but well people make mistake.. anyway n anyhow..kami semua happy..yippee~

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ini tentang kami

Sehari lepas besday is our anniversary. yup..2 kali la nk kena sambut. Cool...! nape tak sambut skali? Owh..hari jadi is hari jd n hari anniversary is hari anniversary. There's no way clbrate it once. Mane besh...tul tak..? Sonok kot dapat banyak hadiah. Hoho

This week have been pretty tired. Dengan assingment yg membukit, kuiz yg setiap hari, kena plak 1kelas smp 3 then pikir sal pita plak. Xsempat nak benafas da kena p latihan. Blik obviously penat. Aishh..xpe demi duet.hee~

The day of my besday..seyesly mengantok plus penat. Blik tu xsaba nk kejar katil. Tengah dok menanti pak driber masuk kete tiba2 die bg kotak dengan lilin. Owh..teharu..tapi ase nk gelak pun ade. 1st time org bg pie daging yang kecik tu jd ala2 besday kek..time kaseh sayang..

Sampai sini je kot. Cite yg lain untuk kenangan peribadi yea..skali lg..muahh pd driber saye yg dok ssh pyh..ngee~
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Sunday, October 2, 2011

When the heart start to talk...

This week is really tearing me up! With the sweat, emotional begin. Next day, when i just started to feel the relieved it strikes me back. Deeply im sad and pretending not to be. No one should ever know the pain i felt inside. Just sometimes i need to tell someone what im going through. But it's not enough. Personal stuff is personal. And for this matter i only can tell certain people of a certain story. Im sorry but that is the way it is.

Thank you for all people that cheering me up and give me support and strength for what im going through even they didn't realizes what they have been doing-which keep me laughing. Yes, it's a deeply emotional week but everyday there will be somethings i could smile of and push it aside for a while.

They can blame me or even hated me. I deserved it. Just keep doing it as much as you want. I don't care anymore. You're not the victims of the story. Your words doesn't count! I will find my own way to settle this on. And for the people that truly involved, im sorry. I really not meant it to happen. Im full of guilt.'s a stressful feeling that keep attaching me until we settles everything that needed.

For this, once again i keep apologize to what happened. I can take it. Am truly sorry. I cant return the time back. Is already happen. Am truly deeply sorry. I cant give back what you have gave up for. Hope you could do well as i am not here.

Last, for the background people who keep murmuring about me, i apologize for what i did to your friend. I understand whatever things you would like to do to me. I accepted.

It's only a piece of heart talking


Things i do not wish to do :

1- Be a driver of my own car. (suh je laki kite bawakkan..romantik gituh..)

Friday, September 30, 2011

kami da slesai

Yeah..akhirnye yang kami dok latih malam2 tu da slesai pd pkul 10 pg td..yeay! Semuanye wokeyh. Part paling best, ms wat ada plak satu part yg ktorg tehentak xsame..but well people make mistake.. anyway n anyhow..kami semua happy..yippee~

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Thursday, September 29, 2011


28 September 2011 pada 1815 berjujuranlah air mata ini meleleh. Lemah jugak jiwa aq ni kan..hee bukan apa...atas apa yang berlaku semalam, aq sangat sangat sangat terharu. Terima kasih semua yang terlibat.

1800. Dah set waktu tu untuk training kawad untuk persembahan konvo nie. Tapi semalam ntah macam mana aq datang lewat 15 min lepas tu. Nak kata baru habis kelas, kelas last jam 1600. Sempat tido kot. Datang2 je kat tapak tu cam biasa la, training da start. Dalam hati "aishh..buat tak taw la.." Aq pn lari la konon2 tak sengaja datang lambat. (Berlakon itu perlu taw). Tiba-tiba sampai je kat tempat tu aq dengar "....happy besday to u...fatimah.." hee..terharunya!!!! and suddenly aq sedar aq dah meleleh da..Maluuuuunnnnyyyee... Tak pe la..yang penting aq happy..

23 September 2011. Dah janji nak datang BBQ kat rumah geng. Janji kul 2000 aq datang tapi last2 datang nak 2030. Aisshh..asik datang lambat je aq nie. punya sedap makan2 tiba2 adala 2 orang masuk rumah. (owh lupe nak bagitaw, bbQ kat luar rumah). Dorang kua je da bawak kek. Wuaaa!!! awalnya besday aq sambut. huhu. eyh..kek die gune fresh cream taw..SEDAP wokeyh!! sumenye melantak sampai abes. Even butang seluar dah nak tercabut, tapi demi kek yang sedap tu..kami sumbat jugak. bbQ yang paling sedap is ayam bakar die..sangat sangat sangat sedap. law ikut hati nak je abeskan semua. tapi yelah, perot dijadikan kecik. Tak ape, len kali boleh buat lagi. nyum3..teliur wokeyh..hee

sayang kat korang sume: zaty,cap,pika,geng palap umt intake 3. <3 u guys!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Who owns my heart

That is really really my song!!! Thanx to Miley Cyrus who sang it very very well plus with the lyricist. I just never get bored by listening to it for thousands time for once. It just great!!
Who Owns My Heart lyrics R-O-C-K Mafia Creation shows me what to do I'm dancing on the floor with you And when you touch my hand I go crazy Yeah The music tells me what to feel I like you now, but is it real? By the time we say goodnight I'll know if this is right And I feel you Comin through my veins Am I into you? Or is the music to blame? [Chorus:] Who owns my heart? Is it love? Or is it art? Cause the way you got your body movin's Got me confused I can't tell if it's the beat or sparks (Oh) Who owns my heart? Is it love? Or is it art? Y-Y-Y-You know I wanna believe That we're a masterpiece But sometimes it's hard to tell in the dark Who owns my heart? The room is full but all I see is The way your eyes just blaze through me Like fire in the dark We're like living art And it hits me Like a tidal wave Are you feelin me? Or is the music to blame? [Chorus] So come on baby Keep provokin' me Keep on ropin' me Like a rodeo Baby pull me close Come on here we go Here we go Here we go And it hits me Like a tidal wave Are you feelin me? Or is the music to blame? [Chorus] Who owns my heart? Who owns my heart? Heart, heart, heart, heart...


Vows On Meeting In Time What will you do when you were heading to see a person that you really missed a lot plus with the first 'dating' after 10 years? Happy, Nervous, Anxious, or you just want to vomit the minute you open up a car door? Eeewww! I know. What's on Earth does people do that. But i did. It is soooooo unforgivable! Haha The story here happen when unexpectedly suddenly like tremendously I said yes to meet that person. It's a bit awkward and I just don't know what kind of topics were gonna talk. Besides, we are just talking n facebook-ing each other after that 10th year. Don't you feel it's really MUST NEED to see that person when you know exactly that perhaps only this is the last year were gonna see each other? Next month that person will go back to the where they are-Southampton. Hmm..hearing the adventure stories obviously i felt envy..duhh! Hee~ Thank you for spending your time. You are a really good friend of me. Thank you Thank you so MUCH! We really having fun together.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Special Birthday Wish for Abdul Hafiz

I wanna take diz chance to announce your besday to the readers. U've always b a nice fwen ever since we're in highschool.well actually we only met for only a year, till then we only texting about each other. We not eventually texting pun, kan? sorry for everything that happened in past if I hurt ur feeling. Im not thinking straight. But now im really really glad to see u n finally get to know how's ur life doing.

It's funny when u sdenly telling me exactly the same wat I just said/typed. Like u're a mind reader. Urgh..I membebel!! hee.. Have a happy life in UK!! Owh forgive me for stealing ur pic. (PEACE)

Happy 21st besday dude! U're awesome.. Thx for being my fwen..Don't forget to register ur name in SPR =D

Thursday, August 11, 2011

jadi transporter Jojo Struys, Yasmin Hani and Diana Danielle. sape mahu??

Klik link dibawah:
jadi transporter Jojo Struys, Yasmin Hani and Diana Danielle. sape mahu??

Saturday, July 2, 2011

How to: Make Cheese Spaghetti Sauce with Simply Homemade Receipe

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1- Button mushrooms
2- Butter
3- Minced Onions and Garlic
4- Water
5- Cheese(also can simply use cheesedale)
6- Milk(also can simply use drinking milk powder such as anmum, etc)
7- Parsley
8- Minced chicken

For the use of milk powder:
- Put a 3 big spoon and mix it with water. It is a same procedure to make a drinking milk only make it more concentrated.

How To:
1- Put butter in a hot pan just as much as you think is enough to fried the minced onions and garlic.
2- After you smell the fragrance of the butter with the onions and garlic, put the minced chicken inside.
3- Then put a glass of plain water to get the 'soup'.
4- Put cheese in it. There is a different kind of cheese in the market. You might get confuse. The solution for the simple cook is just putting 4 packet of cheesedale. Or you can just taste it and put the cheesedale until you get the right of the cheese flavour.
5- To have a more creamy soup for the spaghetti sauce, put the milk with the ingredients.
6- For the final touch, add button mushrooms and also parsley to have a better looks and taste.

Good luck. It may sounds a little odd but the taste is awesome. You can't even tell the different. =D

Friday, June 24, 2011

serious couple or just more than friend relationship

Salam. Tengok tajuk tu pun da dapat bayangkan its all bout comitment! Wokeyh, lets hear the story first than u judge.

1- there's a men. His good looking and a very well body shaped too. He brings the sexy look! What on earth thus girls who doesnt want him. The problem is he is very well in sweet talk. So, we couldnt know when he is exactly honestly said. Ok, then hear this more. He meet this one girl. She knows exactly all the tehniques he's been using for her as she also the same type of this men; the sweet talker. But then she really realize she had crush on him. He on the other hand he knows what her feelings and he also knows deep in his heart that she's the only girl who really know how to treat him with the way he wanted to be treated as speaking he have the attitude problems too. The girl ready to give commitment and he only said "i like u too and i would love to couple with u but make it as transparent couple( teman tapi mesra )". She than went with other guy who worth living with and left him with regret and keep telling her its would be wonderful as she is always be his dream girl but it was too late to realize.

It could happen to male and also female. We as human always tends to make mistakes but better realize it now than it was too late. We can avoid it if only u keep honestly said with your hearts and willing to take one step further. Dont always think too much. Just get what u want than think how to make everything go with plan. Good luck!!

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selamat malam

Maharaja lawak final da pn stat. Tp xdapat nak tengok. Kami satu family + family abg mak p blik kampung. Sok ad kenduri kawen anak maklong. Haha semangat gak nk blik malam ni kan. Xtaw la nk wat pe kat lam kete ni. Nak tidow tapi salah time la plak aq ttdow ptg td..kan da parah. Bet pulak ad kat joho. Ada kerja yang perlu dikotakan. Windunye kat die.. Sayang, jaga diri taw!!

Hmm hanya 1 je yg mampu aq wat buat masa ni: belog..hmm..dalame xupdate mende ni. Nak type lg satu entry la. Sal orang yang macam nk ad psgn kapel sdr tp tkot nk bg komitmen.huh!!

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Saturday, June 11, 2011


It's a wonder thou the one and only Olsen twins, MaryKate and Ashley still and always be a public figure around the world. They started to be an actress since they were kids and they turning their life path to be a hot clothes company, The Row. Now, they were declare to be a billionaire status. Guess what, they are just 25 years old. One of the young riches persons in the world. What a great-creative job they were doing.

What impress me is the price of each clothes they sell. Most of the prices are around 100++ to 2000++ in POUND!! What?? Just calculate how much would it be cost when we convert it to RM currency? Haa..I rather prefer to buy the uptown stuffs with the same money amount but different number in quality i mean quantity.

Well, im not pretty sure why does it cost to much. But all i know all the designers is the most wanted designers among the celebrities. But hey, just look at their collection. It just a simply design which i can say not lot differents with the branding clothes that not that high in prices. No wonder they can be a billionaire that fast. In fact, im still wonder who would be willing to have that type of clothes?? Simply simple + too expensive? Well, all persons have different types of opinions. Maybe it's really fits with the person's tastes. Who knows.. Im just babbling here without knowing how was it like to be. Im just judging it all only by the looks.

If you ever wonder how is it like, click here (The Row Collections)

Also if you like to view differents branding with the same base pricing tagging, click here (Net-A-Porter)

P/s : Im sure you will like it =D

Friday, June 10, 2011

new korean variety show turns to be a very dangerous situation (SOS)

Have you heard of SS501 singer group? Well they've been involved to this new variety show called SOS. This show is about solving the unsolved case. It's pretty amazing thou when singer group like that were involved in something that might get into serious very serious situation. As you have seen the Detective Conan.

What is special about this variety shows, is all the cases they were trying to solve is a REAL CASE. Non of the scenes are faulty just for the ranking purpose. To solve just only one case, they were bring to different places, meeting different personality of a person that may scares you. You also will feel as if you were them. They brings you cases that you wont believed it really do happens.

Some of those cases get solved and others remains mysterious. They have to handle many situations that can bring death. It's getting really scared when they've just notice that they were being watched from those people who doesn't want the case to be revealed.

You can watch the series of the shows in the youtube. All you need to do is type 'SS501 SOS'. Selamat Menonton!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

the poem special made for the 'bride'

3 years im hiding myself is not my type
3 years i keep bleeding my heart with the full of red blood
3 years i keep telling myself u r absolutely not worth it as a man
n this past 3 years u just sold your sad story about your 'marriage' which i dont see any

those days are over
im back full of new smell
the smell of new refreshment and the smell of new life

then u came back
bringing the bride
you look good together and im happy for both of you
it is for your own happiness and glad you could make it

but when you and your bride keep stalking all my wall and i believe my pic too....


hey yo listen heart saying this out loud>>>

the truth is im sicked of u.
im tired of how u've been treating me all this while.
theres a bullshit there when u said u were not hapie but i keep seeing u both laughing out loud
huh!!how dumb if anyone to believe ur ass!!

theres another story u've created about me.
the nice story i have heard about how im deeply crazy bout u.. *WTF*
then the story of her might be the creation of yours.
making me feel pity to her but not u SkinnyBoneHead!!

u were very thoughtful when u noe everything what happen around me which u put a spy
n i no none of u..damn fair!!

i made a mistake when i follow what my heart said.
all i wanted to do just to noe 'how r u'.
then again ur beautiful 'wife' added me as her fwend.
im not ur foe my sweatheart's wife.
but when u started to keep coming in our girls conversation u put a big headache on my brains!!

dont u realize u were not suppose to do the tiggy bibly lob in front of me.
u making everyone else felt sick.
we know u hapie with her.
dont just put ur extra energy to show the happiness in front of ur face.

i noe im not a good gf either.
but at least im not a creator to get everyone attention!!

p/s : i once said we will be fwen forever but i guess we are fwends who will not contact each other. The creator of yours are a waste. and the pain u left it just a reminder.

Monday, June 6, 2011


orang ckp cinta pertama ssh nk dilupakan. yeahh??ntah..i think my first luv is at my first sight which die xbg respon pon..well..sbb aq tjmp die kat shoping mall n obviously i xknl die. haha merepek je kn..??tu ms darjah 5 kalau tak silap la..zaman bebudak dlu. biasa la tuh.

betul ke perhubungan yang agak lama bagi diri seseorang pun akan kadang2 teringat2 kembali? walau sebenci mana dia kat bekas pasangan die, die akan somehow teringat juga. yeah?? maybe its true. its just new and the bahang of 'that' moment (weither sad or happy) u will still remember of it.

orang cakap jika cinta yang diharapkan xkesampaian, next cinta yang akan dicari mukanya akan hampir serupa. kalau x..selagi tula die akan tetap mencari dan mencari. tengok jela pada muka isteri M.Nasir tuh. agak2 serupa kan dengan muka arwah bini die? tengok juga pada Jennifer Aniston bekas bini Brad Pitt. smp sekarang die xtamatkn zaman bujang die. maybe sebab die xdpt nk lepaskan lagi Brad Pitt dalam hidup die walaupun die cakap sebaliknya.

so..kesimpulannya, susahkan bila bercinta rupa2nya bercinta pada orang salah (yang bukan jodoh)??

Friday, June 3, 2011

Puas rasa bila dapat lepaskan apa yang dah pergi

salam. lepas lama aq xsanggup nk jmp die..akhirnya aq brani kan diri jugak. die mkin bhgie..elok lah mcm tuh. mmg tu pn wish aq sblm ptuskn sgale hbgn dgn die..dluw pn aq xlah baek mne. tpgruh dgn kwn. tula akibatnya. aq xjd aq. tp smuenya da tlambat. slh kami berdue buatkn smuenye jd mcmni. xpe aq la punca permulaannya. aq pn bosan gak mstuh. lme2 sgt. die pn kte nk kwen lmbt. aq nk cpt. mknenye kami mmg dr awl xde jodoh. itu hny skdr hiburan hidup.

lps lama kami menyepi akhirnye aq decide sje nk tny nk kaba. alhamdulilah smuenye wokeyh. aq ngat aq xmampu. aq mampu upenye siap tgk gmbr tiap romantik moment bhgie bila dia bhgie. papepn kami ttp kwn mcm dluw. cume kat cnie aq btul2 nk minx maaf. utk diri aq sdr. aq mengaku ada ketika aq tersosial lbeyh. walau mcm tuh aq ttp thu jg maruah. sosial itu hny sementara. aq tergoda dgn dunia xseberapa. bkn aq sng dipengaruhi. tp aq jz nk rs dunie dowg tuh mcmne. aq xderla smp p tpt mne2 mlm2. aq hny berjalan bwk dri siang hri je. aq msih ank makaya. so there's no way nk p mne2 tnpe hala tujuan memlm bute.

ap yg aq wat dluw mgkin xditerima die. die berdiam dan berfikir. xtny dan xnk pn tny ap yg die fikir. biarkan je. yang lepas biar lepas. tp aq tahu die xsuke aq melepak bersama mereka. walau macam tu, kwan ttp kwn. dowglah yg ajar erti kwn sbnr. xde kepuraan dan penuh kesetiaan. ms skola dlu, bkn xder yg kwn sbnr, tp ssh nk crik. msing2 ade niat. bg budak howt nk crik gosip. pe jee yg budak howt xtaw gosip terkini. kn3?? kdg2 walau kwn ttp kne simpan rahsia tu btul2. jgn tslh bg. sdikit sumber blh mengembangkan sgalenye. dan payah bile ade cikgu pn nk msuk cmpur.

kwn biarlah ramai. biarlah kt sedar spe didunia nie. yg baik kt ambek. yg jht kt tnggalkan. aq ttp kwn sume. tp aq tahu jarak mne tiap hubungan sbgai seorang kwn. dan aq pljri sumenyer. dan aq mengerti sebab die pergi. maafkan aq xdpt jdik yg terbaik. aq cbe utk tdk memberikn segalanya. jiwa dan hati penah diremukkan oleh sang die yg gila. mungkin skunk die dah berubah. dan awk..jd titian sy utk bergerak maju ke hdpn kluar dr kepompong takutkan dan bencikan sume laki. maafkan sy disaat sy temui keberanian sy bergaul dgn bermcm prgai pulak. sowie yea..

sy berusaha utk berubah. walau jujurnya sy dah bosan dgn perhubungan yg lama secara mendatar..yela..awk spm then sy plak spm tp sy nk awak tahu sy terima kasih dekat awk krn pernah terima saya. dan perpisahan kt buatkan sy lebih bljr utk menerima dan menyayangi psgn kt. dan sy pn nk awk tahu sy pn bhgie skrg. so kt fair n square la kan..hee~

awak jg dri awak baik2. kalo nk kawen jgn lupe ajk taw. tp asenye ckoplah hny skdr disini. kt xmgkin bertemu lg. sy pn da nk pndh. dan asenye itu yang terbaik. haha ckp da wokeyh tp last2 xbjmpe lg baek..pelik!!bak kate die..ckp cam k****g..ngee~ sy terindu awak dan sy hny nk mnguji ketahanan hati sy je sbnrnyer. dah move on pn..ucap terima kaseh kat org yg sy syg la..die yg terbaik.. ^_^

Friday, May 27, 2011

Orang kata...

Salam..entry nie post lepas tengok gambar member-member aku kat dalam facebook. Betul ke ada orang cakap nak cari pasangan masa kita dah besar. Paling awal pun masa kita form 4. Orang tu cakap, kalau cari pasangan masa tengah remaja tu cam form 2,3 masa tu jangan nak percaya sangat sebab masa tu cinta monyet je.. Tapi bila kita besar sikit kita baru paham erti sebenar cinta. So, jadi hubungan tu boleh la kekal lama sebab masing-masing dah besar kan. Tapi betul ke apa orang cakap tu??

Ikot kajian aku sendiri la kan..sape yang kapel dari kecik macam form 1 pun dilihat hubungan boleh kekal lama jugak. Maybe sebab masing-masing masih kecik mentah dan xtahu apa2. Tapi lain pulak jadinya bila kita kapel masa form 2,3. Sebab waktu tuh orang kata darah panas. Perasaan ingin mencuba tu tinggi. Masa tu jugak la orang terdedah dengan rokok, dadah daan sebagainya. Tapi tu zaman aku. Zaman sekarang budak form 1 pun dah pandai nak isap rokok. Ntah2 masa zaman millenium tuh budak form 1 pun dah pandai ambil dadah. Manalah tahu kan. Harap dijauhkan.

Lepas tu aku perhatikan pulak sapa2 yang kapel masa form 4,5. Aku tengok kebanyakkan mereka kekal lagi sampai sekarang. Harap mereka sampailah ke akhir hayat. Penat taw bila bercinta sakan last2 xjadi. Wang duit, masa segala benda la. Tapi jangan nak salahkan takdir. Daripada perhubungan yang lepas, kita pasti dapat belajar sesuatu. Cuba pikir balik. Walau sepahit mana pun kenangan itu, ada jugak yang pelajaran dari situ. Jadi kita xakan ulang balik kesilapan. Kan3..??

Walau pun macam tu, aku tengok pasangan yang sebaya yang belum ada apa-apa pengalaman yang kebanyakan akan kekal lama. Lain pulak dengan pasangan yang berbeza umur. Tengok setakat ni masih bahagia lagi. Bagusla kalau macam tu. Owh..yang nie cakap balik pasal budak form 4,5 punya hubungan taw.

Hubungan dekat U pulak semakin rancak. Yelah, masing2 da ada perasaan sendiri. Dah tahu apa yang perlu dalam kehidupan. Mana yang sedang berbahagia tu harap kekal lah. Jangan gaduh2 sampai melarat. Tapi seronok sesuatu perhubungan dekat U mungkin atau tak mungkin boleh seindah dekat U. Yelah, dekat U jarak tak jadi penghalang. Walau sesibuk mana korang belajar, tetap ada masa nak berseronok n nak manja2. Tapi bila dah masuk kerja, korang jumpa lagi macam2 orang. Berduit pulak tu. Kena pulak korang memang kerja yang tension2. Macam mana korang nak handle.

Tapi benda2 macam tu xakan jadi masalah kalau korang atasi. Masa tulah yang akan jadi kemuncak perhubungan korang. Orang kata kalau jodoh xkemana. Macam mana nak kata ada jodoh kalau hati dah ada kat orang lain. kan3??

So..kesimpulannya, perhubungan ketika umor matang kurang sedikit peratusnya untuk rasa kecewa putus cinta. Perhubungan yang stabil, matang akan menjadikan sesuatu perhubungan itu menjadi lebih lancar. Nak buat hantaran kahwin pun xada masalah. Cakap aje berapa..hee~

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

our hapie day

Hehe..lawak je..pas abes kls 3p for the day ktowg twus smgt nk p pntai.ngt nk mam mkck mihun sup ttp la..xpe la yg pntg kmi gmbire..hee.. **comel la tgk pic sy aq edit ni**
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tula yg ktowg mkn..hee~

Friday, May 20, 2011

Pesanan untuk Sang Gorilla

die da blik dr kem pastuh esook lak die nk btolak blik ke kedah..ouchh!!windu ku menusuk..wuaa!! syg kamuh..

ade 1adegen xdisengajekan. tgh demam jd emosional xbpe nk btoi..kne lak ttbe tslh phm n i cried. xtaw la sbb ap just nk nanges je..yela..dala demam..pastuh jaoh ngn family pastuh..well..i just want his attention..kawan lak sonok dok umah n im woking here..sedeyh =(

sbb adegan tuh..malu lak ngn dak2 palap. sbb tekantoi dpn dowg..sowie mara sbb xgtaw citer sbnr.

tp syg..walau pape pon sy nk minx maaf. sy syg awk dan sy windu awk. awk jg dri awk baek2 taw..jgn kish kat awk manyak2..hee~

ayoo..piot ase lapa lak

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

YA! aku seorang pendendam dan menyimpan dendam yg sgt lama

tu gmbr kwn aq..die skunk kat wisconsin bek engineering pe ntah..xkesahla..yg pntg die pn inside i wanna be like her n my other fwends. not only their outfit is pretty cool but also the experienced she have is much more national world wide pny..not like a person like me yg xpnh p ngra eropah tuh..yes..i am jeles!!

since i was a kid, a place ive always dream about is to go to new zealand. The grass n the lembu bagai smue really facinating..well..that's wat i felt. ive always dream of everytime i woke up..there is a fresh milk in front of my door house. a dozen of milk glass bottle. n then p lari sne cnie with on the green fresh grass with my lover..ala2 boliwud gituh..

heh..i dont noe if the situation there is the same as wat i felt. but that is wat i saw in the telivisen..hee~ **byk brangan upenye aq..**

pluang study kat sne dpt pn mst aq home sick gyle..msuk mtrix tuh pn nk gk tiap mgu blik..walau dkat xku pedulik pe ntah agy yg jauh..but skunk i think im ready for living miles distance away from home switt home. n i guess its never been too late n im living with that believe.

wish all of u and also me included to have ur dream come true..happy for ur life living guys.. =D)

Monday, May 16, 2011

kursus 3p - part 3

Its edy lunch!!yeay..mknn free always free for the lunch ms there is absolutely no worries to get starving.

Haha syesly i dont know pe yg aq ckp..hny nk becerite sal gmbr mknn nie je..n nothing more..sengal tul...

Dala..chow dluw..nk p study more on the perfect do on inteview. Taa~
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Saturday, May 14, 2011

kursus 3p - part 2

Our first day of 3p; certificate course, start with the LDK. We were given the module which have a lot of activities there interprating each of the participant personnal.

Plus the demonstrater em..erkk..quite good looking too which given the ladies here some bonus mark..wee..~
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kursus 3p - part 1t

Sok da nk stat 3p.. Our grand certificate course!! Yeay!! Eyh..sok?opss lg bpe jam je pn.. Sok pg stat klsnye kul 8 kat mk9/10. Kami rmai2 duk kat asrama ann. (aishh..asrama kcek blik.. :-( ) xkshla..asl dpt duk ngn aman dan bhgie..tul x?huhu

Aman dan bahgie yea??haa..tgk jela dpur ktowg..(lam gmbr tuh). Kami ad rice cooker,heater,hot plate and all cooking stuff cm bwg mrh n pteyh, cili, budu, wat else??haa..prencah ngn pisau sgle bgai pn mmg xkn mati klprn la kat cnie..heaven gyle..ngee..

Psnn dr hati..kmi minx maaf byk2 ea law lalu blij ktowg ad bau yg mngancam..kami wat cmni pn sbb kmi xde byk duet da pn..sowie..
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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

sukanun part 2 - taufan di umt

Mlm perasmian sukanun bermula dgn pnuh meriah.persembahan pembukaan berlangsung selama 30 minit. Kemudian diteruskan dengan ucapan drp pihak vvip. Xlame lps tuh..ujan dtg dgn tbe2. Ujan tu tsgt la lbt..mcm ade org yg curahkan air dlm baldi yg besa. Angin betiup lak mcm pra-taufan je ase..skrin,kemah dan sgale mende kat kompleks sukan tpkse mengerah org rmai nk kasik stand.

Owh..nsebla waktu tuh aq da cbot nk mkn mcd..*nyum* aq bwk payung tp lki aq yg tlg skit ne lyn dgn pnuh manje..kihkih.. ;-) tp tgk jela gmbr tuh..payung aq pn jd cn layang2 da..sabo jela..nseb pyung xwat naye je..ayoo..

Cmni la keadaan kat ganu.bile panas, panas sgt. Bile sejuk, sejuk sgt..mne xdak2 cnie slalu dmm..aigoo.. Ini membuktikan spe nk duk ganu lme2 memelukan pakaian yg byk jnis kain..almari pn knela sediakan yg bsr ea..
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Sunday, May 8, 2011

sukanun part 1 - dart

Sukanun merupakan stu game ala2 masum dan etc.cme yg bezanye sukanun utk klgn bdn bekanun. Aq jd sukarelawan bhgn dart. Arini da stat game yg 1st.xdinafikan kami mmg xtaw nk maen dart tu cmne. Tp lps pehatikan tiap glgt, phm la gk..huhu B-)

Pe yg aq nk citer nie sal keadaan kat cni. Dart blgsg kat DSM slame 4 ari. Keadaan??sesak gyle!! Yelah mne xnye..sblh dart ping pong. Utk pgtahuan smue, dart xleyh nt leyh ilgkn fokus pemain. Lain plak ngn ping pong blh ada chearleader dowg sdr..hmm..myb sb xde tpt yg sesuai kowt..xpela..besh gk ley usha laki encem klo ad. Kbnykkn mrk agk berusia.hee..xpe gaji byk..haha..grow smpgn :-P

Mlm nie da stat prsn.nk tgk la cmne..mlm ni post lain lak.pye~

Friday, May 6, 2011

Kebahagiaan. Part I

ngee ngoo..huhu hoho..*sewel sebentar*

hmm..nk luahkan perasaan xtaw nk ckp camne..wokeyh2..meyh becerite sowg tetinggal kat U (xder sowg pn..ade je geng dicinie) sbb ader aktiviti U. kwn rapat & baik sy merangkap bakal ketua kga sy lak p blik kg n arini die bru nk blik cnie blik..mlm menjelma..die ajk mkn mlm bersama...mkaya die..huk huk..(geron ase)..

mkn dan ckp dan mkn dan ckp..abes pn..blik..yea..haha..hati??wah!!sonok!!alhamdulilah..smuenyer bejalan lancar..mkaya die wokeyh..i.a blh msuk dgn maju..pndgn mrk kat aq??hmm..berdoa mereka menerima dgn hti terbuka..amin..

b4 blik..mrk ajk sarap hal lain lak..kwn ajk tlg antakan dowg kat stesen bus..nk blik..(sonoknye balik..)so..xpstla..kalo smpt aq p la mkn sarap x..len kli jmp lg..doakan jodoh ku dgn die diterima dgn pnuh berkat..dan doakan jodohku cepat (xsabar timang anak..hee)

p/s : hmm..xlupe doa kat pensyarah bg bukak ati trime tiap jwpn yang kami tulis ms xm..aminn..

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

aku BENCI ko.jgn dkt ngn aq..phmx??

aq p bek test renang..wokeyh fine..xready sgt pti suh ambek try la..

sume bile dr rng nk ke float pnfsn aq ntah kemane..but still leyh hold on..

then ktowg kene selam p bek overall..sblm tuh pn aq da nk spruh mati..blum sprh..bru suku..huhu

aderla leading xknl..dr gaye nk tlg aq..yg die wat die lg wat aq tglm..die tolak aq ngn tgn cam gajah die tuh + badan kotak die..pergh..siot ahh da dpt da pn overall tuh ko taw x..da on da way nk naek bek udare siap..tebantut penafasan aq..ngok nye ase..

cre abek ujian rng nie sng je..asal jgn ke tebing..then bru kre out..

smbg da halp lg bape kuak je da nk nk fighto.. leading bdn petak tuh dgn baek ati tolak aq ke tebing..jahanam ko!!tolak 2 kali kowt..nseb dlm xmst sakit gyle..

tp die rmai xperasan..mte tetumpu kat aq..bkn die..dr ats..die npk cm nk jg gajah die tolak kaki aq ke tebing..

wahai manusia..bdn aq lg kecik law dbndgkn ngn sdr kemampuan aq xsekuat la telalu mjg kami sgt smp senang hati tesedak sikit je nk tolak ke tebing..ko mmg siot la law cmtuh..bulcit ko taw..??bulcit..huh!!

sume yg tgk sume xsgke yg aq leyh gv up cam slh..hati aq xrela..sungguh xrela..yg menyentuh tebing bdn blkg aq..bkn tgn ku yg nk mencapai give up..

detik bdn blkg cecah je nk tny je die.."nape tolak aq??nape tolong aq camtuh??"..

best part member die pn tgor kowt leading tuh..die siap ckp lg.."biakan je bdk tuh spruh mati..die msh ader usehe nk twuskan"..SEEEEE!!!! how dumb for him not noticed that!! WTF..

org ckp ko bhgn wat cre gaji..jgn smgt nk slmtkn org yg xpelu nk dslmtkn dgn cre ko..melenkan ko PTI..mmg org yg btgjwb sal mende2 fitness nie..sdgkn PTI pn tgk rilekx je..huh!!

hmm..bhs aq minx trase dan BENCI sgt dgn cre mcmtuh..tolak2 org bg disqualified dr test..pikir la sdr eyh..xkn org mara law mende tuh btul..myb..ko ade sbb xkn benarkan ko dekat ngn aq..

Friday, April 22, 2011

jdkan iktibar b4 msuk hall exam..siot je..

haha..exam xabes agy..frust sbb xdpt siap satu soalan nie..sikit nyer code program tp aq wat yg pnjg lebar..dah xingat..nk wat gane..tawakal je la..hope die dpt time..die sgt tegas k..huh..ketas die wat org nk stay smp 2,3,4 pg tp aq msuk leyh lak gelak2..adoi~

alkisahnyer gini..dah ader slip..tgkla kan meje mane nk duk..btul da tindakan tuh..msuk dewan pny still xjmp sit aq..ayayai..panik gk ntah la..lg panik paper kowt..anyway..pny la wat aksesais peloh2 ketiak crik sit..da jmp tp bdk kos pnt aq pn duduk la..

dlm dwn siap leyh ckp agy tuh ngn member sblh..skali aq tedetik nk tgk blik slip..aii..salah sit upenyer aq tgk..tuh sit utk database..yg aq nk duk nie sit oop..siot je..nseb exam xsetat agy..haha..len kali pasnie aq nk highlight la awl2..subjek ape dgn wane ape..xdela tetuka cam td..cis..!!

xpsl2 aq dok gelak je jwb exam..wokeyhla..ilg skit stress..ngee..pagi owh pagi ku..

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

hanya sekeping cebisan nota

baru2 nie aq tejumpe satu nota..die tekoyak sikit la tapinya..ermm..jmpot la bce..asenye nota nie tuju kat sesiape yg bekenaan kot..

aq da aq xphm..aigoo..xpela..spe yg fhm..fhmlah..spe yg x..wat xtaw sudah..huhu =p

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Hello Ghost!

okeyh..ngh pagi2 bute leyh lyn tgk cool's is that..yipee~
aii..the prob is..i on the final exam..still can lyn mende xmsuk xm..great!!superb of me..
the great thing is i watch it wif full emotions!!im big girl with a big tears wokeyh..cant doubt that..

this story gives a lot of values in our daily life on how important family does to u..well..appreciate what u have before all of them gone without notice. will always on ur side no matter what happen..

** missing my family..i need ur hug mummy**

thx to them.. =D

wokeyh..ive edy presented..this is what we have it done so far..still..truly i felt a bit depressed other than hapy n relived..well thx to ur group member..all of them have done their job pretty well..but hey..still not hapy cause it doesnt happen exactly of what we plan..suddenly it appears faulty errors in many places..well its my fault thou as im the one who integrate everything but i didnt notice what is wrong..blame on me for the deeply sorry.

well then..what happen is already my target after this is to study on my own how to generate the graph and the uplaod..i noe it would be tremendously fab if i got it done to our group..thx a lot..we'll c back again for the DB assignment wokeyh..ngee~

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

IS (im sorry)

** this is really pointed to the one who own's my heart ** sorry..
if i am a trouble maker
and you have to keep advising me to be good all the time but still i cant do it..
that's because all im asking is your attention.. sorry..
if i keep continue merajuk
and you have to keep pujuk memujuk all the time and sometimes until you lost..
that's because i really like when you give your attention to me 150%.. sorry..
if i am a big girl with a big tears
and you will be speechless don't no what to think..
that's because it's really hurts when we got into fights.. sorry..
if i keep asking to eat together with you
and you have to spend your energy walking with me to kedai mamak..
that's because it's really fun having you around by my side.. sorry..
if i keep texting you all same bored message to take care of yourself
and you have to keep replying my message with 'okeyh'..
that's because i do taking care of you..

and i know..sometimes my ways got you into sorry..i really do..
but somehow still i cant help it to be perfectly acting annoyingly to you just to show how i love sorry..

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sungguh Indah

hmm..its been a while im not posting any la ktekan..(tang mne pn xsure). anyway..what im trying to say is..ngah dok sedap menggodek profile fb member2 lme..then aq tesenyum sdr..umor pn da mkin obviously we'll trying to find someone special in our life. kn3??..hee~

kebanyakkan kite2 nie berkahwin dgn bkn cinte pertama die..xder jdh..nk wat camne tu aq tgk zmn tok nenek kadok luw..but recently, ive noticed something new. most of my fwends is having a first serious relationship in their life!!damn cute seyh!! seyesly aq jeles sbb ive try so many people but it wont work out..n wif them(my fwends that hv this cinte pertama in their life now) it seems so easily work out..maybe my first love is at the middle age of bersuke ria. even me and him(my ex) not even think about marriage yet. duhh..sape suh gatai sgt..kn3..,

i dunno but i really admired of people who have the first relationship ever that actually really serious. their relationship seems so pure and yaa..cinte pertama its hard to otha people to try menggoyahkan rumahtangge dowg taw..differ from couple that 'pro' about the relationship. they have their own experienced and his/her past relationship may or may not end up pretty good and some how it might actually give a lil impact from the previous experienced he/she have. and yup..i admit..smtimes i do terbawa2 sifat jeles yg agk tgi..daa..i dont wanna miss this guy..ceyh..(pdhal xder pn nk dijeleskan..sje..lalalala~)

so my point is if u do have someone precious in ur life..dont miss the chance coz u r not going to meet the same person and the layanan yg diberikan b4. and dont try so hard to get ur own partner as it will come to u and mostly it just come without noticed. So appreciate what u got babeh!!

Monday, March 14, 2011

the latest Windows 8 is coming!!

Windows is always coming up something new to the world and guess comes the truly latest WINDOWS 8 after the Windows 7 is purely success. Below are some of the screenshots. It uses a little bit of LINUX pattern.. ^_^

p/s : i really cant wait to be one of the first person trying this bout u??

Monday, February 28, 2011

selamatkan BUMI kita!!


Tuesday, February 22, 2011


kau umpama bidadari
tiap penjuru kau pergi
menyertai aq kau hadiri
tanpe kamu xkan ku sebegini

diamnye kamuh bukan senang tuk dimiliki
mendalami jiwe ku yang sangat sukar difahami
merajuk jeles xtentu hari
memang niat ku untuk dipujuk tiap hari

kau ku lihat tanpe henti
hatiku cair tiap kali
kaulah satu kaulah hati
akan kau ku selamanya di jiwa hati

cinta ku bukan untuk dipamerkan sini
tapi inilah nilai ku berikan pada si dia sini
ku harap kau mengerti
kau lah yang ku pinta setiap hari =D

p/s : to my mr.mzo

pantun suke aq

kau pertama kau suri
tapi ku lihat dalam perigi
apakan daya jika kau xgosok gigi
ambik bau penyeri pagi

polka dot berbintat merah
sungguh banyak di permukaan wajah
jagelah muke wahai pi`ah
biar kau jadik model 'WAJAH'(ade ke??)

ingat janji yang kau kasi
jangan sampai hidung kau ku tarik
bagi pasangan yang xkenal budi
akan ku humban kau dalam perigik

tiup-tiup sampai mampos
lubang hidung kau ku tembus
biar cantik jangan tersembur
badan pun kau kena kasik kurus..yea..

p/s : ntahler..sesaje je..xtaw nk ltk pe..lalalala

Friday, February 4, 2011

It Girl

Hye's been a while i keep on silent. hmm..seems as if im to bz of something huh?? yup!!that's rite babeh.. there's a new game in facebook dear called "It Girl". Quite fun. U can choose boifwen u wan to wif no doubt. Owh yea..i am definitely choosing the most gorgeous guy on Earth. and if i don wat him or i find someone calling off the relationship. YEAY!!it's cruel but it's fun. This game r based on the television series "Gossip Girl". Have u remembered the stories? In that world, everything is possible. Whether u being hurt or u going to be top of the sorority. It's ur choice. But this game not really resemble the series. Anyway..wat im trying to say is..let's play this game "it girl" and while u join the application please do welcome to be my neighbour..huhu..happy playing

p/s : i dont do any of my works!!OMG!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

lappy owh lappy

owh!! I starting to get crzy..DAMN!!! wat a feeling i have here..ciss..

story begin :
----- There's a time im being addicted to update my blog..
----- just after i update my template..there's lappy broke!!
----- it seems cannot be used no more..
----- n my parents said they will send me a new one right after the raya cina..
----- hurm..thx..but hey..i xblik taw..soo..wat am i going to do without a lappy here ms cuti nanti??
----- OWH NO!!!! nk wat keje pn ssh maa..nk fix kan lappy tuh??xpelu kowt da kowt..da bezaman da pn lappy itu..
----- mmg diminte ambik yg sekian lama berkhidmat..cyunk jugak la..
----- beli je kat cnie??
----- hurm..saya cme ada PAMA je..bknnyer parents ckp dowg nk belikan..ikot aje..jgn bantah..tawakal jela..waaa (T_T)

rate of twinkoo

2- youtube twinkoo
3- twinkoo rapidshare
4- twinkoo website (ooo..ko upenyer penyebab aq xleyh ltk nme twinkoo kat web aq..huh)
5- css twinkoo - witty sparks

hurm..i will keep trying my best to be the first top list..huhu..
kayo lebeyh..dala mls nk tulis entry..ciss!!


well as usual every wed morning we will have this muster at canselori (duhh..da msuk 4th sem pn xreti eja.btul slh lantak asal bunyik sme). Next, while we were praying for the god then my piot wat hal la pulak ms nie..da im doing such a nut things!! abes je doa twus lari lintang pukang p la tempat segala mcm buang. Come back they keep saying wat a switt smell i have n they advice me to put 'berak' into my account. eee..soo embarrassing!!!

p/s : it's wokeyh it's woraite at least i have 4-5 mandarin orange this morning..yeay!!credit to Chinese member of Palapes

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Terima kaseh En.Fatah

Makan - makan goreng pisang
Goreng pisang cecah ngn sambal belacan
trima kaseh kat en.Fatah sowg
sebab die blanje kami makan

It happened last Friday. Wifout futher noticed he asked when we free..well to blanje kami mkn kfc..NYUM3..we all have fun!! duhh..spe xgumbire bile ader yg memberi..yeay..

p/s : doa kami - semoga ada lg yang msih bermurah hati untuk memberi lagi..lalalala~

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Are you Korean MANIAC??

Obsess with the Korean drama? or anything about the Korean? If you do, You might want to check this out. You can watch by online or even download it FREE!! It is a quick download with the stream high-quality video. If you really want it then just click on to the picture and start KOREAN MANIAC!!!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Hutang Owh Hutang

wokeyh geng..ader org request suh wat officially sal hutang..haa..utang pe??hoho..

cara menebus hutang..
1- petang-petang pegi jog kat pantai.
2- belikan aiskrim
3- bagi kasih sayang double tripple billion trillion ahh
4- berikan senyuman manja
5- belikan 1 hari jadi hak milik kekal saya sblm kt kawen..

hoho..5 jer?? nie je yg dpt aq pkir..hmm...xtny agy die stuju x?? ase-ase die sokong ke x eyh..??

p/s : xpe..nanti law da ader idea bru nk byr utang aq tmbh list agy..hoho

Monday, January 10, 2011


a) Bubble sort

b) Selection sort

c) Insertion sort

d) Merge sort

e) Quick sort

Fairytales of an Ogre

There was a girl living by the wood all by herself. But she was not alone. She had this tiny little friends who really made her life easier. One day she's walking alone and got in trouble by herself.

She screamed out loud but there is no one could helped her or even heard her. She started to worry and thinking and wishing how she would appreciate her life even better.

Suddenly, DUM!!DUM!!DUM!!! she heard. She really want to scream but her voice didn't came out. She terified. She saw an ogre coming to her. She pretend to be dead but the ogre did not believed. He tried everything he can to save this little girl and to see her wake up again. She could not help herself lying to an ogre who has this kindness in his heart. Eventhough he is an ogre and he is really big and he stinks and he has this bad breath but he is the one she wished for. So then, she and the ogre falling in love.

One day, the ogre dicided to take her to go shopping in the town for their wedding day. She's really excited. She went to all different store just to find the best of the best. Because of her ogre made everyone scared, the kingdom forbidden him from coming to the town. There she goes, shopping for herself back again. The ogre only could have faith to his heart.

She went to the last store in the town. She finally met her jewellery that suit her dress. She paid to the cashier. Her eyes meet his. Her heart pumping non-stop. Her temperature raising up and her breathe pushing her taking maximum oxygen. He's perfect! The body, the face, the smile and even the eyes. She could not resist to get to know him better even she knows her ogre is waiting for her. but she doesn't care. All she care she want to know him and that's it.

They really have a great time. It seems the cashier have feelings to her too. She felt great! She really wanted him but she also could not forget her beloved ogre. She kept moving with the cashier. He gave him flowers, gave her jewellery, beautiful dresses she could not even imagine. She is happy. She really felt like a princess. In the day, she is with the cashier but when the night come out, she started to think about her ogre.

One day, she's looking at the sky and there's a moon. Full moon. It's pretty. She cried. She remembered how her ogre keeps telling her that she's really beautiful and always be his full moon in his heart. She realized her mistakes. She's been dragging away to search a better guy but she's forgetten that her ogre is the best among the best. Her ogre accepted as who she were. All her goodness or her badness, he's willing to accept for him loving her all by his heart. No one could ever replaced her. She knows. But the cashier, he is a nice person but he doesn't even know her very well. Does he will accept her like her ogre? Does he will love her like her ogre did? Does he will always be his full moon?

Before sunrise, she run back to the place where she should be, by the woods. She run to his ogre and promise herself she will not turning back and the ogre will always be in her heart and be her full moon. They then married and have a lot of kids and they live happily ever after as she is also and ogre but the fairy godmother had turn her to be beautiful princess and the ogre is the prince who had turn to an ogre by the wicked witch. She then knows her stands, finally.

p/s : Love truly all by your heart (muahh my baby Munchkin koo~)