Tuesday, January 25, 2011

lappy owh lappy

owh!! I starting to get crzy..DAMN!!! wat a feeling i have here..ciss..

story begin :
----- There's a time im being addicted to update my blog..
----- just after i update my template..there's go..my lappy broke!!
----- it seems cannot be used no more..
----- n my parents said they will send me a new one right after the raya cina..
----- hurm..thx..but hey..i xblik taw..soo..wat am i going to do without a lappy here ms cuti nanti??
----- OWH NO!!!! nk wat keje pn ssh maa..nk fix kan lappy tuh??xpelu kowt da kowt..da bezaman da pn lappy itu..
----- mmg diminte ambik yg bru..tp..setelah sekian lama berkhidmat..cyunk jugak la..
----- beli je kat cnie??
----- hurm..saya cme ada PAMA je..bknnyer PT..soo..law parents ckp dowg nk belikan..ikot aje..jgn bantah..tawakal jela..waaa (T_T)

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