Friday, February 4, 2011

It Girl

Hye's been a while i keep on silent. hmm..seems as if im to bz of something huh?? yup!!that's rite babeh.. there's a new game in facebook dear called "It Girl". Quite fun. U can choose boifwen u wan to wif no doubt. Owh yea..i am definitely choosing the most gorgeous guy on Earth. and if i don wat him or i find someone calling off the relationship. YEAY!!it's cruel but it's fun. This game r based on the television series "Gossip Girl". Have u remembered the stories? In that world, everything is possible. Whether u being hurt or u going to be top of the sorority. It's ur choice. But this game not really resemble the series. Anyway..wat im trying to say is..let's play this game "it girl" and while u join the application please do welcome to be my neighbour..huhu..happy playing

p/s : i dont do any of my works!!OMG!!

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