Sunday, October 31, 2010

terdiam tergamam xberkate

suddenly die kol..die kate die minx maap sgt xdpt anta..sore die pn cam gabrah je.. maintain ahh..then die kate die accident..dala ujan lebat..pastuh tny la..camne..die kate die wokeyh..dlm ati ader gk la nk kte..nie mst kes die bwk lupe lak..skunk kn musim ujan..lebat lak tuh..jap je lagi kes bnjir..
soo..dak2 U sume dah dok prepare duet basuh baju kat mesin n bju ujan.bju tebal pn included. pastuh tjmpe lak kawan kt sowg nie yg nek kete ngn die..die cam..resah diam xterkate..sumenyer cam blank..die citer xtawuh la nk bg respon ape..cume terpikir nk jmp die je..terase cam jaat lak diri nie..mke risau cam xder je..hurmm..camne nie..??xpe2..die kate die nk jmp jap lg..die kate die nk ttbe die kte..btul ke nk tawuh..??nanti ader gak org yg nanges dgr citer tuh..hushh..sedasat2 nyer ke..??dala mlm td die ader sebot sal accdent.tup2 tghri td die acdent.mulut spe yg msin..??

bicare : sedapnyer mam bujang..kt mam selalu la camni..sonok!!

Friday, October 29, 2010

tenkiu for the weeks

full week of assignments, bunch of tests and not forget..FINAL!!
owh..its really a full 2weeks of hard work!!! only yesterday night i could breathe in an open air..SO FRESH!!! finally..huhu

well..all this thanks to my hunny bunny munchkin who give all the efforts to my sickness of tension.

REAL PLAN : jog & walk around
HAPPENS : jog for 1 round then i tesemput lak..then we go for walking until we found this port where it is before someone build up a tent. there's a timber where we choose to take a rest for a while. we play a little tricky word write on the sand. it's only the beginning before we started to draw different pictures combination of our skills. out of the result we make a story line. it end up pretty well and nice. really nice. it is the best memory and the real fun time we glad!

REAL PLAN : watching movie and survey around
HAPPENS : the showing only 3 movies. ouwh!! i thought i wanna take the midnight..guess what..TERENGGANU only have the night movie..xpela..we take a bowling game and the token games!!cool!!gyle besh!! the best game we have for the night is dragon dash where we need to find the same color and types of the eggs by scrolling the eggs up and down o left and right.pretty fun! i's only a usual game. believe's not. it's a latest touch screen game that have fully equip function of different types of games..seyes best..meyh dtg kat MESRA MALL!!!huhu

if only my phone could take picture of us =((

Saturday, October 23, 2010

let's get psycho!!

1- u mad at someone
don't tell people u were angry..but tell people u were happy to loved them even more!!
(fact : human are full of emotions. they know they made u really mad but then u act opposite way and that scares them the most. THEY'VE BEEN PSYCHO!!)

2- they making u feel as if u not existed
don't make a face and don't feel distracted..just proceed your life as usual!!
(fact : they pretend as if they don't care just to see your reaction but then u act different ways. This will make them uncomfortable. THEY'VE BEEN PSYCHO!!)

3- they humiliate u in front other people
don't react that u shamed of what they do..but react it with a big smile n responds with a nice way of greetings if u have any chance!!
(fact : usually this kind of people just wanna show how powerful they are by making others feel unpleasant but then they way u react shows to them how not powerful they are as the thought. THEY'VE BEEN PSYCHO!!)

4- they release the anger to u even you didn't know anything
don't get mental to the comments they gave but just accept it with open minded. it may hurts u and u will get emotional but sometimes somehow u need understand others.
(fact : human is just a human. sometimes they get mentally interrupted but sometimes they just do fine. even though u not in real good condition accepting everything they said lead them to appreciate for your concerned. THEY'VE BEEN PSYCHO!!)

5- they always talked how good they were but it's all nonsense
don't show how annoyed u were but just keep telling them they actually that good.
(fact : they just want to get attention from others and they love when people around understand what they want. They get touched but when u keep telling how true each of the words they said, they get annoyed by the words they said as they know it's a total lie. THEY'VE BEEN PSYCHO!!)

p/s : it's really good to be true!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

pra final year project??

we called it as project individual. WOW!!wasn't that amazing?? seyes im scared to present. Everyone does yet we manage. This only a small grup presentation. lucky us!!

There are some comment that shows how the response to our project :
"How do u do that?? u create on ur own??"
"That is how to make a formal page!"
"How long u make it that?? i believe in 6 months it will really2 great like a pro!!"
"Teach me how to make it that, will ya??"

So far, it seems we really managed this subject. We only hoping for the A score. amin~

p/s : they are not just commenting the gud..however we really glad!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

what a week

this week is really full with stuff!! here this!!

19/10/10 = test 2 networking
20/10/10 = send the complete web project
21/10/10 = presentation of individual project
22/10/10 = final data structure

arghh!!wat a really nice week i have!! quite bz still im enjoying myself..gosh..what is happening to me??

Sunday, October 17, 2010

the moment i thought

the moment i thought i still wanna be friends like before, u still making your 'unjoke' humor sense.
the moment i thought there's a chance for u to change, u still appear the same.
the moment i thought u are a good guy, u turn out to be bad, pathetic.
the moment i thought u are a devil, u actually a nice person.
the moment i forgetting u, u keep telling me u in love with me.
so which one are u?? im confius!!dun let me b one..

Sunday, October 10, 2010

typical gul

there's lot of thing i would love to do, things that i admire but then it would be nicer if it happens at the right time, right place. Guess i am a typical kind of girl. i just want everything what i want to be so perfect. Im so sorry to everyone who involve typical with me. hmm...

Saturday, October 9, 2010

starvation to death???

ouchh!!my stomach just keep grumbling..shud i o shud i not keep fasting??pliese2..can i eat??it still early in the morning..

i noe i wanna be better..hope..n this starvation is one of the challenge i need to handle.but it seems to hard to keep it continue..gosh..i really not that strong as u expected.i keep on imagine things(food with a yummy super duper smooth soup cooked fined with the chicken) GOSH!!i am terliur

but if im not continue this..i guess im not exactly that ready to this changing really this hard?? not sure why..but this is the hardest fasting i have..after i niat to change..hurm..

PATIENT!!just patient faa..tomorrow cud be handy

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

reading up my diary

how do u feel when sumone read ur diary that says :

Dear diary, he really did smtg to me!gosh!thought no one wouldn't realized. guess im wrong. it showed all over my face. i just couldn't resist. How could sumone i love forget my besday?? Not only that..the date he said is sumone else besday..grr~

But that was only an act, nothing more..he edy prepared the whole thg up..SURPRISE!!!! there go.. if only i cud eat him wildly, how ful!! im sooo mad but then there r no words came out only how i really missed him n just wanna hold u tight.

thinking back..actually i am ready for this whole thing n i like to keep it continue..mish u dear..muachhhxx a lot!!!

and that someone who read him..the one im talking shy..but..who cares..that is how i felt =D)