Friday, October 29, 2010

tenkiu for the weeks

full week of assignments, bunch of tests and not forget..FINAL!!
owh..its really a full 2weeks of hard work!!! only yesterday night i could breathe in an open air..SO FRESH!!! finally..huhu

well..all this thanks to my hunny bunny munchkin who give all the efforts to my sickness of tension.

REAL PLAN : jog & walk around
HAPPENS : jog for 1 round then i tesemput lak..then we go for walking until we found this port where it is before someone build up a tent. there's a timber where we choose to take a rest for a while. we play a little tricky word write on the sand. it's only the beginning before we started to draw different pictures combination of our skills. out of the result we make a story line. it end up pretty well and nice. really nice. it is the best memory and the real fun time we glad!

REAL PLAN : watching movie and survey around
HAPPENS : the showing only 3 movies. ouwh!! i thought i wanna take the midnight..guess what..TERENGGANU only have the night movie..xpela..we take a bowling game and the token games!!cool!!gyle besh!! the best game we have for the night is dragon dash where we need to find the same color and types of the eggs by scrolling the eggs up and down o left and right.pretty fun! i's only a usual game. believe's not. it's a latest touch screen game that have fully equip function of different types of games..seyes best..meyh dtg kat MESRA MALL!!!huhu

if only my phone could take picture of us =((

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