Saturday, October 23, 2010

let's get psycho!!

1- u mad at someone
don't tell people u were angry..but tell people u were happy to loved them even more!!
(fact : human are full of emotions. they know they made u really mad but then u act opposite way and that scares them the most. THEY'VE BEEN PSYCHO!!)

2- they making u feel as if u not existed
don't make a face and don't feel distracted..just proceed your life as usual!!
(fact : they pretend as if they don't care just to see your reaction but then u act different ways. This will make them uncomfortable. THEY'VE BEEN PSYCHO!!)

3- they humiliate u in front other people
don't react that u shamed of what they do..but react it with a big smile n responds with a nice way of greetings if u have any chance!!
(fact : usually this kind of people just wanna show how powerful they are by making others feel unpleasant but then they way u react shows to them how not powerful they are as the thought. THEY'VE BEEN PSYCHO!!)

4- they release the anger to u even you didn't know anything
don't get mental to the comments they gave but just accept it with open minded. it may hurts u and u will get emotional but sometimes somehow u need understand others.
(fact : human is just a human. sometimes they get mentally interrupted but sometimes they just do fine. even though u not in real good condition accepting everything they said lead them to appreciate for your concerned. THEY'VE BEEN PSYCHO!!)

5- they always talked how good they were but it's all nonsense
don't show how annoyed u were but just keep telling them they actually that good.
(fact : they just want to get attention from others and they love when people around understand what they want. They get touched but when u keep telling how true each of the words they said, they get annoyed by the words they said as they know it's a total lie. THEY'VE BEEN PSYCHO!!)

p/s : it's really good to be true!!

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  1. perghh.. pndai tol psycho2 nie..