Saturday, October 9, 2010

starvation to death???

ouchh!!my stomach just keep grumbling..shud i o shud i not keep fasting??pliese2..can i eat??it still early in the morning..

i noe i wanna be better..hope..n this starvation is one of the challenge i need to handle.but it seems to hard to keep it continue..gosh..i really not that strong as u expected.i keep on imagine things(food with a yummy super duper smooth soup cooked fined with the chicken) GOSH!!i am terliur

but if im not continue this..i guess im not exactly that ready to this changing really this hard?? not sure why..but this is the hardest fasting i have..after i niat to change..hurm..

PATIENT!!just patient faa..tomorrow cud be handy

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