Tuesday, January 25, 2011

lappy owh lappy

owh!! I starting to get crzy..DAMN!!! wat a feeling i have here..ciss..

story begin :
----- There's a time im being addicted to update my blog..
----- just after i update my template..there's go..my lappy broke!!
----- it seems cannot be used no more..
----- n my parents said they will send me a new one right after the raya cina..
----- hurm..thx..but hey..i xblik taw..soo..wat am i going to do without a lappy here ms cuti nanti??
----- OWH NO!!!! nk wat keje pn ssh maa..nk fix kan lappy tuh??xpelu kowt da kowt..da bezaman da pn lappy itu..
----- mmg diminte ambik yg bru..tp..setelah sekian lama berkhidmat..cyunk jugak la..
----- beli je kat cnie??
----- hurm..saya cme ada PAMA je..bknnyer PT..soo..law parents ckp dowg nk belikan..ikot aje..jgn bantah..tawakal jela..waaa (T_T)

rate of twinkoo

1- youthsays.com
2- youtube twinkoo
3- twinkoo rapidshare
4- twinkoo website (ooo..ko upenyer penyebab aq xleyh ltk nme twinkoo kat web aq..huh)
5- css twinkoo - witty sparks
6- blogspot.com

hurm..i will keep trying my best to be the first top list..huhu..
kayo lebeyh..dala mls nk tulis entry..ciss!!


well as usual every wed morning we will have this muster at canselori (duhh..da msuk 4th sem pn xreti eja.btul slh lantak asal bunyik sme). Next, while we were praying for the god then my piot wat hal la pulak ms nie..da im doing such a nut things!! abes je doa twus lari lintang pukang p la tempat segala mcm buang. Come back they keep saying wat a switt smell i have n they advice me to put 'berak' into my account. eee..soo embarrassing!!!

p/s : it's wokeyh it's woraite at least i have 4-5 mandarin orange this morning..yeay!!credit to Chinese member of Palapes

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Terima kaseh En.Fatah

Makan - makan goreng pisang
Goreng pisang cecah ngn sambal belacan
trima kaseh kat en.Fatah sowg
sebab die blanje kami makan

It happened last Friday. Wifout futher noticed he asked when we free..well to blanje kami mkn kfc..NYUM3..we all have fun!! duhh..spe xgumbire bile ader yg memberi..yeay..

p/s : doa kami - semoga ada lg yang msih bermurah hati untuk memberi lagi..lalalala~

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Are you Korean MANIAC??

Obsess with the Korean drama? or anything about the Korean? If you do, You might want to check this out. You can watch by online or even download it FREE!! It is a quick download with the stream high-quality video. If you really want it then just click on to the picture and start KOREAN MANIAC!!!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Hutang Owh Hutang

wokeyh geng..ader org request suh wat officially sal hutang..haa..utang pe??hoho..

cara menebus hutang..
1- petang-petang pegi jog kat pantai.
2- belikan aiskrim
3- bagi kasih sayang double tripple billion trillion ahh
4- berikan senyuman manja
5- belikan 1 hari jadi hak milik kekal saya sblm kt kawen..

hoho..5 jer?? nie je yg dpt aq pkir..hmm...xtny agy die stuju x?? ase-ase die sokong ke x eyh..??

p/s : xpe..nanti law da ader idea bru nk byr utang aq tmbh list agy..hoho

Monday, January 10, 2011


a) Bubble sort

b) Selection sort

c) Insertion sort

d) Merge sort

e) Quick sort

Fairytales of an Ogre

There was a girl living by the wood all by herself. But she was not alone. She had this tiny little friends who really made her life easier. One day she's walking alone and got in trouble by herself.

She screamed out loud but there is no one could helped her or even heard her. She started to worry and thinking and wishing how she would appreciate her life even better.

Suddenly, DUM!!DUM!!DUM!!! she heard. She really want to scream but her voice didn't came out. She terified. She saw an ogre coming to her. She pretend to be dead but the ogre did not believed. He tried everything he can to save this little girl and to see her wake up again. She could not help herself lying to an ogre who has this kindness in his heart. Eventhough he is an ogre and he is really big and he stinks and he has this bad breath but he is the one she wished for. So then, she and the ogre falling in love.

One day, the ogre dicided to take her to go shopping in the town for their wedding day. She's really excited. She went to all different store just to find the best of the best. Because of her ogre made everyone scared, the kingdom forbidden him from coming to the town. There she goes, shopping for herself back again. The ogre only could have faith to his heart.

She went to the last store in the town. She finally met her jewellery that suit her dress. She paid to the cashier. Her eyes meet his. Her heart pumping non-stop. Her temperature raising up and her breathe pushing her taking maximum oxygen. He's perfect! The body, the face, the smile and even the eyes. She could not resist to get to know him better even she knows her ogre is waiting for her. but she doesn't care. All she care she want to know him and that's it.

They really have a great time. It seems the cashier have feelings to her too. She felt great! She really wanted him but she also could not forget her beloved ogre. She kept moving with the cashier. He gave him flowers, gave her jewellery, beautiful dresses she could not even imagine. She is happy. She really felt like a princess. In the day, she is with the cashier but when the night come out, she started to think about her ogre.

One day, she's looking at the sky and there's a moon. Full moon. It's pretty. She cried. She remembered how her ogre keeps telling her that she's really beautiful and always be his full moon in his heart. She realized her mistakes. She's been dragging away to search a better guy but she's forgetten that her ogre is the best among the best. Her ogre accepted as who she were. All her goodness or her badness, he's willing to accept for him loving her all by his heart. No one could ever replaced her. She knows. But the cashier, he is a nice person but he doesn't even know her very well. Does he will accept her like her ogre? Does he will love her like her ogre did? Does he will always be his full moon?

Before sunrise, she run back to the place where she should be, by the woods. She run to his ogre and promise herself she will not turning back and the ogre will always be in her heart and be her full moon. They then married and have a lot of kids and they live happily ever after as she is also and ogre but the fairy godmother had turn her to be beautiful princess and the ogre is the prince who had turn to an ogre by the wicked witch. She then knows her stands, finally.

p/s : Love truly all by your heart (muahh my baby Munchkin koo~)

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Discrete Mathematic in my own words

- Discrete Math is a study of mathematics structure that are non-continuos.
- Example of discrete math are integer, graph, and statement in logic.
- Digital computer uses discrete math in storing data in discrete bits (one or zero).
- Discrete bits make the data easy to transmit, store and easy to manipulate.

Graph is one of the example of discrete math

- Computer implementation are applying the ideas from the discrete math to real world problem such as operation research.
- Discrete math include all of these topics :


Graph Theory

Number Theory


p/s : Task given by Dr.Suzuri on 4/1/11

Data Structure in my own words

- Data structure is a way to store and organize data in efficient way.
- It follows the simple rules of algorithm. All types of programs and software have their data structure process.
- For example, for the simple program we can use Linked list, Stack and Queue but for the quite difficult or unique program we should use something more efficient like Tree.
- However, the efficiency of the program also depending on the ability of the computer to fetch and store the data.
- We can calculate the efficiency of the program when we defined the abstract data type indirectly.
- In data structure, we use a high-level programming as it can support the special syntax needed.

p/s : Task given from Dr.Suzuri on 4/1/11

Get new freshy recipes!!

This is the place where u can share all your secret recipes with other people. U might want this to be your primary reference to have a new taste too in the way of cooking. Just click the link below and walllaaa..


p/s : Sharing is Caring =D)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

It's time to cut your jeans babeh

Dude..come on!! I just wash out all my clothes ok and i don't have anything to wear! Well the point is Terengganu here and now just keep on raining. I barely see the pretty sunshine on my skin. And guess what, i can start collecting all kinds of sweaters of my taste as the temperature is going down to 25 degree Celsius and it keep going down and down and down when it start to be dark. HUH!! Just imagine how could i sleep with that temperature with me forgetting to bring along my blanket and decided to take the 'kain' telekung for my 'not so hard warm blanket'

Kemaman is already flooding and people there need to transfer to a safer place. Same condition here. Only not that serious yet. But still, whenever we want to buy foods we need to trekking the flood. YEAH..almost everybody will started to flip their jeans to their ankle. If this happen all day long and making the people stuck at the gate back there, you better cut off your jeans to get a little short so there will be no more jammed just to get out of that door. Right?? and that jeans will go with you back again at the same situation. Huh..don't worry. Terengganu have two different climates. One it will be too hot and the other would be too cold. So..be proud with Terengganu as you could have many different types of clothes in your closet. Cool huh!! Like it!!

p/s : flooded = cold weather. and too cold = get too sexy with the short jeans!! =D)

Monday, January 3, 2011

just a hye

hye!!!!!!!!!!!!!it's been too long keeping my typing silently..haha..actually im in da middle of training and then come back home just for shopping!!cool huh?? i dont do much in front of my precious lappy. but important is im back!!and hope fully i can spend time more in the typing stuff here. please do miss me!! =D