Thursday, January 6, 2011

It's time to cut your jeans babeh

Dude..come on!! I just wash out all my clothes ok and i don't have anything to wear! Well the point is Terengganu here and now just keep on raining. I barely see the pretty sunshine on my skin. And guess what, i can start collecting all kinds of sweaters of my taste as the temperature is going down to 25 degree Celsius and it keep going down and down and down when it start to be dark. HUH!! Just imagine how could i sleep with that temperature with me forgetting to bring along my blanket and decided to take the 'kain' telekung for my 'not so hard warm blanket'

Kemaman is already flooding and people there need to transfer to a safer place. Same condition here. Only not that serious yet. But still, whenever we want to buy foods we need to trekking the flood. YEAH..almost everybody will started to flip their jeans to their ankle. If this happen all day long and making the people stuck at the gate back there, you better cut off your jeans to get a little short so there will be no more jammed just to get out of that door. Right?? and that jeans will go with you back again at the same situation. Huh..don't worry. Terengganu have two different climates. One it will be too hot and the other would be too cold. proud with Terengganu as you could have many different types of clothes in your closet. Cool huh!! Like it!!

p/s : flooded = cold weather. and too cold = get too sexy with the short jeans!! =D)