Tuesday, September 28, 2010


"awak jaat jaat jaat sgt jaat..awak sje wat kt nanges psl mende nie..mencila!!"

gyle bang ahh..ive cried for the lil surprise bdah party for myself. he really made me think its real;all the acts. but im touched. all the effort he made..all the stuff he did..well, guess he's the one i ever wanted.

juz imagine, when there is a cake and someone called him..i jz wanna shout "please dun called his name no more. im sicked by the name at my bday. grrr~"
wat a tough young man have to handle this lil complicated gul. spe suh blakon ingat besday pmpn laen..

wateva it is..we r now back together..and just wanna say Thank You So Much. I'd Appreciate

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

when a little voice said

thinking :
not really sure wats up wif u..i admire u
not really sure how..i choosed u over the one i liked
not really sure why..i give it a try
and i give it a try..

somehow im afraid..we could not be that long
somehow im thinking..i could choose someone over u
somehow im saying..i want to stop all this
and i meant a real stop..

it is not ur fault..it is not anyone's fault
it is only me thinking how early is everything to me now
i dont need this..i dont aim this..at least not now
but i dont know how to say a word to u..i really dont
cause everytime im with u..it seems..u r my drug

there is still a few words left with blur..only the future knows wat will it be

shuh shuh..go away..!!

things that i hate in male&female relationship :

- one's betrayed the other
- one's keep denial things that everyone can see
- one's know that the other person the factor the other is in pain
- one's that still keep saying the love when outside seeing other person
- one's who just asking for the break and the next day see other person and keep saying they had nothing

p/s : there's more..but the point is..I WILL SHOOT U!!

girl next door

there is a story about a girl who confuse to make her own choice. he had dated this guy before and it doesn't going well when she suddenly breaks on what she stands. not believing she did, she try to change to make a better future. unfortunately, he responded a different way from what she wants to. then she moved on to what position she thinks the best. beyond her expectation, she met a new guy and she said yes for their future. hardly believe she was actually struggling to get rid with the guy she had before. it would be nice if the guy she had feeling with before doesn't said he just realize how he fell in love with this girl...and this girl is...ME..