Monday, July 26, 2010

he making me..

waaa!!what potion did u gave to me?? sob2!! u really making me..&hearts &hearts &hearts..

Sunday, July 25, 2010

mini cooper

the black and white mini cooper is on the road!!!haha not that mini cooper..its only the design of the t-cet we bought yesterday..hehe..

actual plan : hangout together the 3 of us wif that mini cooper..BESH2!!
reality : waaaa...we only had time to eat!!wif the stomach tap dancing with the heavy rain could be heard to the next neighborhood, we couldnt have imagine to care of the mini cooper no more..aish!!

dont have too worry much. tomorrow is the last day for the convo festival. hopefully we could spend our last convo festival this year together..wahh!!i mish him!!(out of topic suddenly..please ignore). owh please more rain will ya??

p/s : my mum give me a green light!!wee.. *maloo&hearts

Saturday, July 24, 2010


Day 2 : finally we go out together(my gang) to the convo festival.. it just a convo festival but not sure what is so fun bout it. myb..too bored keep silent in the room..wah!! hehe..then we saw this one t-cet. having design of the mini's look cool!! anyway, today, night; the opening of our mini cooper t-cet. syok2!! cant wait to dress up!

p/s : t-cet seems to be to small wif my size..huh!!just wait n c how i would manage that =D

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

jangan berkata jika tak pasti

what u will think for someone who seems willing to do anything for u, do anything u asked, yet it just a halfway path. errkk?? i mean he said he will do it..but only half way. ergh!!!!!im real mad here!! not once but twice so far i felt it this way. hey may sound little, but wat happen when he would do as much as he wants?? and what if the thing is a real big thing??gosh!!ive been giving chances to this one man before and there's the mistake happen. HATE IT!! there's no way im giving u chances that make my heart sank once more again(even for another man)..thank gudness we dun have anything to tie us up. At least i can find a new other guy. YEAY!!!

but how can i forget u in just a minute second and telling u im not 'things' u could do the same thing again and again..

[p/s : dun let us the female on the man's feet]

now?? weird when we can open wat-so-eva site that are requires gud connection but i cant go through the simple site??owh!!is the ptm do sumthing with the connection or maybe that's mean i need to study like..NOW??ouch!!

dun play the games!!

There's a statement from my mummie says "Dun play with the hearts' game with more specific this one course-account". What she said more is they were a loyalty kind of guy and bit of romantic person even they seems to be a schematic guy. WOW!! i've been there where suppose im just 'usha' this one guy of his fitness and guess wat..i think im falling for u.gosh!! Damn shy to tell but hey, u really stops my heart beat. Now i rethinking the whole things up again and guess i made a right choice by choosing u and not the...just forget it. It's already past past away.

p/s : still keeping the status single =D)

Monday, July 19, 2010

i like!!

hey all!! i noe where my special abilities are. i can make someone a bit saver to spend the money on me. well at least just a few ringgit would mind.. it really does feel great! im not a materialistic girl wokeyh..(not really..hee)

p/s : im fully tank!!GOSH!!

Saturday, July 17, 2010


my house(hostel) blackout..just when im starting to use a charger for my lappy..ouch!!just a few minutes left before im end here everything(for now)..owh noe..

full name

There's certain thing we need to use our own name(full) such as email and even a a social networking mostly for a business purpose. That is really forbidden for me when i still a kid. I don't like people get to noe me as much as they know my real name. Kind say, im pretty secretive. fuhh!!haha.. But im getting older, and now im studying at U, it keeps me thinking how nice it would be when someone corporate have ur name. wow!! It seems u were some kind of hot stuff!! What r ur opinion?? Would u like to sharing some??

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

No more noisy sound while talking in phone

Everyone can talk with just a low pinch without bothering others. The new tech by unveil at CeBIT fair, the future phone transform lip movement into computer-generated voice for the listener at the other end of the phone.

'Silent Sound' aims to notice every movement of the lips and transform into sound, which could help people who lose voices to speak. The handset would decipher the movement your mouth makes by measuring the muscle activity then convert into speech.

The technology can also turn you into an instant polyglot. Where they can be immediately transformed into the language of the user’s choice.

“But we’re working to overcome the remaining technical difficulties. In five, maybe ten years, this will be useable, everyday technology,” he said.

p/s : I can't wait to use the device!!

Samantha Ronson Comes to Lindsay Lohan's Defense Via Twitter

Could Samantha Ronson and Lindsay Lohan be headed for a reconciliation? Not likely, but it looks like they're no longer enemies. Recently, comedian Joan Rivers decided to send out a handful of tweets that were all aimed at mocking Lindsay and Samantha quickly came to her defense.

In one tweet, Joan, 77, calls the soon-to-be behind bars actress dumb and in another one, she pokes fun directly at her long and troubled history with alcohol. "I was just reading about the new Lindsay Lohan diet, which is all liquid. 80 Proof," she posted on Twitter.

For some reason, Samantha felt compelled to step in and took to her page to say: "Hey Joan Rivers. You have collagen older than Lindsay, pick on someone your own age, oh wait I guess people that old can't hear."

Lindsay promptly thanked her ex for the support and as far as we can tell, it looks like Joan backed off. For now, that is.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

no couple, juz married..will ya??

saye makin hari makin suke pada kamu..but i dont want to have any seyes targeting no couple at the mean time juz be married. but hey, trying to have the married status at the 23 and having a perfect car with a perfect at least an apartment by myself and he juz grad and me juz have my own work for A YEAR and were planning of having a grand ceremony..gosh!!i really need money. Im DESPERATE!!

anyway, i am confusing and had a very long thoughts too. I think i really making mess in ur pureness heart and still im not really sure if u are the one even i really well known ur behavior really drives me crazy!DAMN! u really stole my heart, dude. Please take care that well. huh!i know u will. I just afraid of me, myself. it's really hard just to keep still with this one person. Beside, my status still single..hee~

Actually, the real probs here i really afraid if i let u down.
..What if i really like u this time but as the time passing by, i like somebody else.
..or wat if im the one hoping for more and u were not?

i really afraid with this kind of things. owh, god..please if he is the one, take me to him. If not, get him out of my blood.

life 4 money

U can say anything u want, but still i wont change my money concept. I love MONEY, MONEY loves me too..COOL!!

We suddenly talk about the marriage budget. Im not sure why but i really love the 30,000rm number digit..for the hantaran.. the digit seems really nice! aim to get married is at 23old. now?im 20..shoot! How can i afford to pay and to have everything?

Here are some of the tips of how making lots of money. U can sell ur things in e-bay. Next, u can try to translate any article online and they will pay u per week. Also, u can try typing online and still u will get paid $2000-$8000. How perfect job that i have??

owh, don't forget to join the too..just supporting the advertisment, u will get the money..DAMN NICE!!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

new thing to be learn

haha(let me LOL first!) 2nd year, young senior..WOW!! We really need to handle all the things by ourselves like koke, course taken n bla bla bla.. The things we need to be settle down are :
a) see the dean to take his signature for the adding course we have
b) take result slip
c) pay for the re-check paper

Off we go to the campus about 9am. Then the first stop as we planned is to see the dean. But then we found out we suppose to settle it with head of department. Then 3 of us go straight to the head of department's officer and he's not there. Fine! We decided to settle down the repeat paper(us as accompanied). But then must be sent with the 1st slip exam. OUCHH!!

Then we decided to go to the koke to take one of the appropriate person to sign the form. And of the staff there said we need to go to the academic back again. Here, we go and they push us again to see the dean and lastly we found out actually we really need to settle down with the koke. (don't u see, just to settle the same thing, we've been 'pushed' away by difference person and lastly it been settle down by the 1st placed we go.sh0ot!)

This thing happen the same way for the other 2 things need to be settle down for today. It took from 9am till 12pm yet, it does not been settled. What a day =((

p/s : at least we learned new things of who and how to deal these things

Saturday, July 10, 2010

new sem, new rumate, new house, new energy needed!!

fuhh!!tired!!Great news juz for today :
1- I get hostel look juz like an apartment
2- It's fit for 3 person only
3- I get the top of the building(real high!)
4- I have to used the stairs ONLY! (escalator not provided)
5- All my roommate have the SAME NAME as I AM!!perghh..

what a great day i've been through. This will be this for this sem and another sem.
Hey..they still a great person to be roommate

doin doin =D

Friday, July 9, 2010

wish me

I will use all my day today online as tomorrow the new sem begin. hush!!so fast. I need to prepare my physical and mental as well. Wish all the best for me will ya!!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hidup Bola Dengan MILO

There's a new campaign supported by MILO to get all kinds of ADIDAS stuff.

All u need to do is click the same picture above in the left side.
p/s : ADIDAS my fav!! I click on it everytime i visit my blog. =D

the new sem begin

11 july 2010, new sem begin. I've really not ready for it. I really need to achieve more than what i have before to get my aim pointer back. But hey, I know I can get what i want all I need to do is not giving up and try harder and harder. God lord, please please help me..

twilight eclipse

8 July 10, first day released twilight eclipse. I've watched the 930pm show. What can i say, i really do loves the twilight a lot, thou. But the scenes where Bella need to consider her decision of her path life wther being a frozen girl or the hot-fresh-blooded girl. However, what i need to say is she(Bella) have the same situation where me and her loves two guys at the same times. But the difference is she loves Edward more till she give up everything in her life being a dead girl.

And for me, I do still have feelings with my first sem's man and the second sem's man. The first sem's man, I don't know what makes me loves about him but the second sem's man I do know that he is very sweet. Very very very sweet. His sweet behaviour just the same reason why i loves my ex damn much. But well, we couldn't make the relationship any further.

Even i know the second sem's man is really the best choice i could make but still if the first sem's man keep making his move, i might choose him instead of the second sem's down. Fuhh!! i never have this experienced before; love two guys at the same times. Shot!! It's really hard..

p/s: kalau ade jodoh xkemane..kan??

Sunday, July 4, 2010


fuhh!! so long the time taken juz to write a new post. well, deeply sorry guys. I juz felt so bored online with the person i expected to be online, is not online. wokeyh, today's new post is about our planning to have a great welcoming back party for my parents. They juz going to medan, Indonesia. Haa..what a short distance. But well, i juz felt like to give a really warm pleasant to them, they not somebody else they are my parents.

This is the plans :
- chicken bbq with black pepper sauce
- vege-satay bbq with peanut satay-like sauce
- carbonate miranda drinks

[the vege-satay not yet bbq]

It's not a real high class thing to be tempted but hey all my sisters are getting involved with tomorrow night's party. The youngest 4old. Cool!!

Other thing we have done, we really settling down our house. Since we moved, we all have our own business to do so, the house is really like 'tonggang tebalik'. haha..pretty shamed as the house keep four beauty princess and still the house have 'that' look.