Thursday, July 8, 2010

twilight eclipse

8 July 10, first day released twilight eclipse. I've watched the 930pm show. What can i say, i really do loves the twilight a lot, thou. But the scenes where Bella need to consider her decision of her path life wther being a frozen girl or the hot-fresh-blooded girl. However, what i need to say is she(Bella) have the same situation where me and her loves two guys at the same times. But the difference is she loves Edward more till she give up everything in her life being a dead girl.

And for me, I do still have feelings with my first sem's man and the second sem's man. The first sem's man, I don't know what makes me loves about him but the second sem's man I do know that he is very sweet. Very very very sweet. His sweet behaviour just the same reason why i loves my ex damn much. But well, we couldn't make the relationship any further.

Even i know the second sem's man is really the best choice i could make but still if the first sem's man keep making his move, i might choose him instead of the second sem's down. Fuhh!! i never have this experienced before; love two guys at the same times. Shot!! It's really hard..

p/s: kalau ade jodoh xkemane..kan??

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