Sunday, July 25, 2010

mini cooper

the black and white mini cooper is on the road!!!haha not that mini cooper..its only the design of the t-cet we bought yesterday..hehe..

actual plan : hangout together the 3 of us wif that mini cooper..BESH2!!
reality : waaaa...we only had time to eat!!wif the stomach tap dancing with the heavy rain could be heard to the next neighborhood, we couldnt have imagine to care of the mini cooper no more..aish!!

dont have too worry much. tomorrow is the last day for the convo festival. hopefully we could spend our last convo festival this year together..wahh!!i mish him!!(out of topic suddenly..please ignore). owh please more rain will ya??

p/s : my mum give me a green light!!wee.. *maloo&hearts

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