Tuesday, July 13, 2010

life 4 money

U can say anything u want, but still i wont change my money concept. I love MONEY, MONEY loves me too..COOL!!

We suddenly talk about the marriage budget. Im not sure why but i really love the 30,000rm number digit..for the hantaran.. the digit seems really nice!wuahaha..but..my aim to get married is at 23old. now?im 20..shoot! How can i afford to pay and to have everything?

Here are some of the tips of how making lots of money. U can sell ur things in e-bay. Next, u can try to translate any article online and they will pay u per week. Also, u can try typing online and still u will get paid $2000-$8000. How perfect job that i have??

owh, don't forget to join the youthsays.com too..just supporting the advertisment, u will get the money..DAMN NICE!!

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