Wednesday, July 21, 2010

jangan berkata jika tak pasti

what u will think for someone who seems willing to do anything for u, do anything u asked, yet it just a halfway path. errkk?? i mean he said he will do it..but only half way. ergh!!!!!im real mad here!! not once but twice so far i felt it this way. hey may sound little, but wat happen when he would do as much as he wants?? and what if the thing is a real big thing??gosh!!ive been giving chances to this one man before and there's the mistake happen. HATE IT!! there's no way im giving u chances that make my heart sank once more again(even for another man)..thank gudness we dun have anything to tie us up. At least i can find a new other guy. YEAY!!!

but how can i forget u in just a minute second and telling u im not 'things' u could do the same thing again and again..

[p/s : dun let us the female on the man's feet]

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