Sunday, July 11, 2010

new thing to be learn

haha(let me LOL first!) 2nd year, young senior..WOW!! We really need to handle all the things by ourselves like koke, course taken n bla bla bla.. The things we need to be settle down are :
a) see the dean to take his signature for the adding course we have
b) take result slip
c) pay for the re-check paper

Off we go to the campus about 9am. Then the first stop as we planned is to see the dean. But then we found out we suppose to settle it with head of department. Then 3 of us go straight to the head of department's officer and he's not there. Fine! We decided to settle down the repeat paper(us as accompanied). But then must be sent with the 1st slip exam. OUCHH!!

Then we decided to go to the koke to take one of the appropriate person to sign the form. And of the staff there said we need to go to the academic back again. Here, we go and they push us again to see the dean and lastly we found out actually we really need to settle down with the koke. (don't u see, just to settle the same thing, we've been 'pushed' away by difference person and lastly it been settle down by the 1st placed we go.sh0ot!)

This thing happen the same way for the other 2 things need to be settle down for today. It took from 9am till 12pm yet, it does not been settled. What a day =((

p/s : at least we learned new things of who and how to deal these things

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