Sunday, July 4, 2010


fuhh!! so long the time taken juz to write a new post. well, deeply sorry guys. I juz felt so bored online with the person i expected to be online, is not online. wokeyh, today's new post is about our planning to have a great welcoming back party for my parents. They juz going to medan, Indonesia. Haa..what a short distance. But well, i juz felt like to give a really warm pleasant to them, they not somebody else they are my parents.

This is the plans :
- chicken bbq with black pepper sauce
- vege-satay bbq with peanut satay-like sauce
- carbonate miranda drinks

[the vege-satay not yet bbq]

It's not a real high class thing to be tempted but hey all my sisters are getting involved with tomorrow night's party. The youngest 4old. Cool!!

Other thing we have done, we really settling down our house. Since we moved, we all have our own business to do so, the house is really like 'tonggang tebalik'. haha..pretty shamed as the house keep four beauty princess and still the house have 'that' look.

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