Tuesday, July 13, 2010

no couple, juz married..will ya??

saye makin hari makin suke pada kamu..but i dont want to have any seyes relationship..im targeting no couple at the mean time juz be married. but hey, trying to have the married status at the 23 and having a perfect car with a perfect at least an apartment by myself and he juz grad and me juz have my own work for A YEAR and were planning of having a grand ceremony..gosh!!i really need money. Im DESPERATE!!

anyway, i am confusing and had a very long thoughts too. I think i really making mess in ur pureness heart and still im not really sure if u are the one even i really well known ur behavior really drives me crazy!DAMN! u really stole my heart, dude. Please take care that well. huh!i know u will. I just afraid of me, myself. it's really hard just to keep still with this one person. Beside, my status still single..hee~

Actually, the real probs here i really afraid if i let u down.
..What if i really like u this time but as the time passing by, i like somebody else.
..or wat if im the one hoping for more and u were not?

i really afraid with this kind of things. owh, god..please if he is the one, take me to him. If not, get him out of my blood.

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