Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sungguh Indah

hmm..its been a while im not posting any la ktekan..(tang mne pn xsure). anyway..what im trying to say is..ngah dok sedap menggodek profile fb member2 lme..then aq tesenyum sdr..umor pn da mkin obviously we'll trying to find someone special in our life. kn3??..hee~

kebanyakkan kite2 nie berkahwin dgn bkn cinte pertama die..xder jdh..nk wat camne tu aq tgk zmn tok nenek kadok luw..but recently, ive noticed something new. most of my fwends is having a first serious relationship in their life!!damn cute seyh!! seyesly aq jeles sbb ive try so many people but it wont work out..n wif them(my fwends that hv this cinte pertama in their life now) it seems so easily work out..maybe my first love is at the middle age of bersuke ria. even me and him(my ex) not even think about marriage yet. duhh..sape suh gatai sgt..kn3..,

i dunno but i really admired of people who have the first relationship ever that actually really serious. their relationship seems so pure and yaa..cinte pertama its hard to otha people to try menggoyahkan rumahtangge dowg taw..differ from couple that 'pro' about the relationship. they have their own experienced and his/her past relationship may or may not end up pretty good and some how it might actually give a lil impact from the previous experienced he/she have. and yup..i admit..smtimes i do terbawa2 sifat jeles yg agk tgi..daa..i dont wanna miss this guy..ceyh..(pdhal xder pn nk dijeleskan..sje..lalalala~)

so my point is if u do have someone precious in ur life..dont miss the chance coz u r not going to meet the same person and the layanan yg diberikan b4. and dont try so hard to get ur own partner as it will come to u and mostly it just come without noticed. So appreciate what u got babeh!!

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