Wednesday, April 6, 2011

IS (im sorry)

** this is really pointed to the one who own's my heart ** sorry..
if i am a trouble maker
and you have to keep advising me to be good all the time but still i cant do it..
that's because all im asking is your attention.. sorry..
if i keep continue merajuk
and you have to keep pujuk memujuk all the time and sometimes until you lost..
that's because i really like when you give your attention to me 150%.. sorry..
if i am a big girl with a big tears
and you will be speechless don't no what to think..
that's because it's really hurts when we got into fights.. sorry..
if i keep asking to eat together with you
and you have to spend your energy walking with me to kedai mamak..
that's because it's really fun having you around by my side.. sorry..
if i keep texting you all same bored message to take care of yourself
and you have to keep replying my message with 'okeyh'..
that's because i do taking care of you..

and i know..sometimes my ways got you into sorry..i really do..
but somehow still i cant help it to be perfectly acting annoyingly to you just to show how i love sorry..

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