Sunday, April 17, 2011

thx to them.. =D

wokeyh..ive edy presented..this is what we have it done so far..still..truly i felt a bit depressed other than hapy n relived..well thx to ur group member..all of them have done their job pretty well..but hey..still not hapy cause it doesnt happen exactly of what we plan..suddenly it appears faulty errors in many places..well its my fault thou as im the one who integrate everything but i didnt notice what is wrong..blame on me for the deeply sorry.

well then..what happen is already my target after this is to study on my own how to generate the graph and the uplaod..i noe it would be tremendously fab if i got it done to our group..thx a lot..we'll c back again for the DB assignment wokeyh..ngee~

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