Thursday, September 8, 2011


Vows On Meeting In Time What will you do when you were heading to see a person that you really missed a lot plus with the first 'dating' after 10 years? Happy, Nervous, Anxious, or you just want to vomit the minute you open up a car door? Eeewww! I know. What's on Earth does people do that. But i did. It is soooooo unforgivable! Haha The story here happen when unexpectedly suddenly like tremendously I said yes to meet that person. It's a bit awkward and I just don't know what kind of topics were gonna talk. Besides, we are just talking n facebook-ing each other after that 10th year. Don't you feel it's really MUST NEED to see that person when you know exactly that perhaps only this is the last year were gonna see each other? Next month that person will go back to the where they are-Southampton. Hmm..hearing the adventure stories obviously i felt envy..duhh! Hee~ Thank you for spending your time. You are a really good friend of me. Thank you Thank you so MUCH! We really having fun together.

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