Thursday, August 25, 2011

Special Birthday Wish for Abdul Hafiz

I wanna take diz chance to announce your besday to the readers. U've always b a nice fwen ever since we're in highschool.well actually we only met for only a year, till then we only texting about each other. We not eventually texting pun, kan? sorry for everything that happened in past if I hurt ur feeling. Im not thinking straight. But now im really really glad to see u n finally get to know how's ur life doing.

It's funny when u sdenly telling me exactly the same wat I just said/typed. Like u're a mind reader. Urgh..I membebel!! hee.. Have a happy life in UK!! Owh forgive me for stealing ur pic. (PEACE)

Happy 21st besday dude! U're awesome.. Thx for being my fwen..Don't forget to register ur name in SPR =D

1 comment:

  1. Well im not really sure if u're in UK o perhaps in US..but watever it is..have a happy interesting life =D