Sunday, October 2, 2011

When the heart start to talk...

This week is really tearing me up! With the sweat, emotional begin. Next day, when i just started to feel the relieved it strikes me back. Deeply im sad and pretending not to be. No one should ever know the pain i felt inside. Just sometimes i need to tell someone what im going through. But it's not enough. Personal stuff is personal. And for this matter i only can tell certain people of a certain story. Im sorry but that is the way it is.

Thank you for all people that cheering me up and give me support and strength for what im going through even they didn't realizes what they have been doing-which keep me laughing. Yes, it's a deeply emotional week but everyday there will be somethings i could smile of and push it aside for a while.

They can blame me or even hated me. I deserved it. Just keep doing it as much as you want. I don't care anymore. You're not the victims of the story. Your words doesn't count! I will find my own way to settle this on. And for the people that truly involved, im sorry. I really not meant it to happen. Im full of guilt.'s a stressful feeling that keep attaching me until we settles everything that needed.

For this, once again i keep apologize to what happened. I can take it. Am truly sorry. I cant return the time back. Is already happen. Am truly deeply sorry. I cant give back what you have gave up for. Hope you could do well as i am not here.

Last, for the background people who keep murmuring about me, i apologize for what i did to your friend. I understand whatever things you would like to do to me. I accepted.

It's only a piece of heart talking

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