Monday, December 19, 2011

Haha..tengok tajuk die pown ase blushing wokeyh..susah la nak wat love expression kat depan depan pe tah lagi kat public. cukopla sekadar faham the action made special to that person. xyah nk kecoh, xyah nak kepoh. dah taw diam2 je. biar aim senyap2 nanti xdela jadi bahan xpun xdela frust menonggeng law xdapat..kan3?? wat malu je law satu dunia taw..well that's my POI la..pastuh lagi best bile da dpt pun senyap2 dulu..da setahun baru kecohkan sikit2..sonok oww..based on pengalaman, lagi sonok ase bile ade org admire laki kite ckp mende cute things kat awek laki die admire sendiri. bukan senang taw nk dengar sume tu bile dorang taw who am i. sume mende nak cover. law senyap2..sumenye ialah real world with no hypocrisy. hahaha  =D

tapi untuk kali nie..lantak la..i just wanna burst out the feelings here jugak. soo..ehem..

Dear my dearest man,
i've already started to like you since the first time i've seen you doing our first PT together with the alpha group. Do you still remember how well you perform the mendagu thing? (maybe you dont cause you always done well). Its amazed. Then it just got worst when im adoring your innocent. I still remember how you feel pretty uneasy with girls. That is just the way you are and i like it. But well, im not ready for any of this. So i forget about you, everything about you only been kept for couple of months and it pooofff! It when missing. At that time..gudbye awak..

After a year, we've became pretty closed. How? entah. i dont even remembered but you said you do. It doesn't matter. It's your time now to mengorat me..hehe..that what you always said and i just used those word. Sorry hun.

Today, we've been together for 1 year plus. We have been arguing, loving, jealousy and stuff that couple have, we have it. Truth is, i just hate to have a fight with you. You the only man who really made my life difficult when we had a fight. Still, im the one who pick the fight first. cehh..!

Sayang, from those men outside here, you are the one i've choose. The one who i wanna live with. The one who will spend time together till the end. Dear, the way you treated me like a fantasy little princess really makes my heart melting every single time we've dating. The innocent type of you is just a complete packaged. Everything seems going well so far.

From the previous years, you the one who changed me like me now. And i appreciated it, much. So, please sayang take care of my heart very well as it could be broken into pieces i cant live anymore. This heart has became a lot stronger than before when im with you but this heart is fragile. Once broken consider sold. hehe that's just metaphor.

So, in this diary of mine, saya Fatimah Zulkifly want to make declaration to Muhammad Zubair love for you is everything after i've giving to my parents, family and my besties. Hee..But you will be my prior, someday. And for this Someday..i will wait..patiently.. <3

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