Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Judging your friend's lover

There are certain people who like to judge every single relationship that happen in front of his/her eyes.

Some people will jump to conclusion how someone controlling his/her partner.

And this some people will keep telling others about their findings which we are not sure the correctness of these findings results.

These 'things' suddenly appears to be one of the hottest issue for the gossiping team.

Let's make it clear:
  • Some people will do anything to the one he/she called as a soulmate.
  • He/she will be soo happy doing all stuff for the happiness of the loves one.

  • You may seeing it as a king/queen control but you should be happy if your friends is happy in the way they are. Sometimes, your friend just like to be the 'puppy dog' going anywhere he/she wants to go. It is their nature to show how much love he/she willing to sacrifice. All you need to do, be happy for your friend as long as your friend do not involve with the crazy stuff. Be supportive!
  • You may not know what is the other partner feels about your friend's concern. You may be judging that he/she do the controlling but it may under the request of your friend. You may not believe it but there is a person who are so taking care of his/her loved ones till he/she would protect his/her partner from a mosquito bites. It may sound unrealistic but that is the way of your friend shows the feelings of 'love'. Beside, your friend's bf/gf may sometimes feel uncomfortable with all the sacrifices but what can he/she do if your friend is begging to death to treat the lover that way. Remember, not all of us are a bad guys but it is you who interpret it wrongly. So classic.

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