Thursday, November 24, 2011

Best quote of the day

There's so many things happen for the past of the weeks. It just a small matter but it suddenly became big issue and its SERIOUS!. Who's the virus here? not sure. Who's having bad weeks experience? We are. Who's having the nightmare? They are.

This thing is still under investigation. For the time being, our activities slows down a little bit. Hope it's get better. For my behalf, i am a person who does not take this too seriously. Everything that happen i somehow not there. So far, i cant tell what is what only hear what and what. My concern goes to the pride of our batch and also the pride for all the innocent ones.

On this date, i officially publish the quote from Left. Muda Shida "Senior jangan OVER, Junior jangan MANJA". This quote tells everything!!

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