Tuesday, May 17, 2011

YA! aku seorang pendendam dan menyimpan dendam yg sgt lama

tu gmbr kwn aq..die skunk kat wisconsin bek engineering pe ntah..xkesahla..yg pntg die bhg..aq pn apiyh..tp..deep inside i wanna be like her n my other fwends. not only their outfit is pretty cool but also the experienced she have is much more national world wide pny..not like a person like me yg xpnh p ngra eropah tuh..yes..i am jeles!!

since i was a kid, a place ive always dream about is to go to new zealand. The grass n the lembu bagai smue really facinating..well..that's wat i felt. ive always dream of everytime i woke up..there is a fresh milk in front of my door house. a dozen of milk glass bottle. n then p lari sne cnie with on the green fresh grass with my lover..ala2 boliwud gituh..

heh..i dont noe if the situation there is the same as wat i felt. but that is wat i saw in the telivisen..hee~ **byk brangan upenye aq..**

pluang study kat sne xdpt..law dpt pn mst aq home sick gyle..msuk mtrix tuh pn nk gk tiap mgu blik..walau dkat xku pedulik pe ntah agy yg jauh..but skunk i think im ready for living miles distance away from home switt home. n i guess its never been too late n im living with that believe.

wish all of u and also me included to have ur dream come true..happy for ur life living guys.. =D)

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