Friday, May 7, 2010

fake iPhone vs real iPhone

All this while, i thought im the one who doesn't know the right way to use the iPhone i get it from my dad. It turns out im not the one who have problem. It was actually a fake iPhone. No wonder there is so many thing i can't do.

These are the differences :

> A fake iPhone will not be recognize by iTunes on the computer.
> All apps will in the AppsStore will not work on it.
> Most of the fakes do not have wi-fi.
> Low sensitivity of the iPhone position. Need to rotate real hard to change to landscape or portrait.
> The camera's center are not center.

left : original, right : fake

left : original, center & right : fake

Conclusion : U might wanna choose the fake phone when u desperate in economics, styling and etc. Beside, it doesn't look much different. However, when u were thinking of buying a smart-phone, please do buy an original's one. It may save your life, though.. =))

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