Sunday, May 2, 2010

filling up my desires..eating is the besh solution!!

Haha..who do not like to eat..?? Raise ur hands folks..
Im currently staying at Terengganu "Where Nature Embraces Heritage". Im kind a culture shock where i do like to eat vege A LOT..however most the food here are basically fishy and im not fish obsession. Hmm..having trouble to eat??YES!! Obvious daa..

So, coming back home I was like searching the vege in fridge like crazy and the sad part is, they were not buying anything and the fridge were closely that empty. Pretty upset, indeed!!

So, the next day, went up real early in the morning to go to Pasar Tani and search for pucuk paku and make it masak lemak cili api..nyummy!! Real taste. I still could taste it in my tongue! Damn great..and there u desire is finally fulfilled.

I finally could sleep safe and sound..hmm.. =))

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