Wednesday, May 5, 2010

the cam-ERA

wokeyh guys..
long time for me not posting any new topic in this blog. Run out of ideas..
Dun worry, no more..i like to talk about my new gadget; iPhone 3gs. I just started notice that the camera a bit confusing me!! let me tell u wat happen..

well, firstly when u see the phone, the picture looks REALLY BIG!! and we need to stand back more and more to see the whole view to snap. However, the pictures appeared to be extra view than it suppose to be. How can that possible..?? and how shud i noe that what i need to snap is snap..u noe wat i EXTRA view..i don't want to crop the pictures all the time to make sure the pics is what i thought i viewed..huh!!

i really need to learn this iPhone..owh my..what a cyber-world is this..

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