Tuesday, August 24, 2010


there's a thing i discovered about the people named man.
this is about their love story of how they choose the soulmate of his.

1)whenever a girl show some interest of him such taking care of his dressup,his performance his whatever on him or his behaviour even it doesnt mean anything, well IT DOES MEAN A THING for him.

2)whenever a girl show her sweetness of her laughter and make a real good conversation between him, it sure does turn him on a little bit.

3)whenever a girl asking for help more to asking for the sympathy, they will easily taking care of her beyond his awareness.

4)whenever a girl try to understand or be a good listener of him, he definitely have this tiny thought making the girl his..someday..

5)whenever a girl give a positive answer(s) to all the question he gave, u are definitely have a bright future to become his most precious.
-question refers to the hearts matter

so..as the conclusion, if u are trying making friends with him just as friend friend, be clear to everything u said n u do.

male : bleyh x sy nk kawan dgn awk??(he interested in u a lil bit)
female : kwn je??bleyh..no hal la..(u gv him a green light)
male : nape awk xkapel lg??(trying to get into seyes subject)
female : sbb sy x besedia lg.(u did again give him a green light *sigh)
(u making him waiting for u)

male : beleyh x sy nk kawan dgn awk??
female : xperlu asenyer. xpenting pn.(finally u gv him right answer-harsh but true)
male : nape awk xkapel lg?
female : sbb sy mmg xsuke.

dun worry giving them a pretty harsh answer rather than he adores u and the next day become his enemy
as u not choosing him.
be urself dun try be others. the person named man will always respect u named female that always said
the truth that u dont give a false hope. it may sound a little harsh in the way u responsed but that is the way.


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