Friday, August 27, 2010


The definition of couple here is when the two people like each other and agree to have a serious relationship aiming for the till-end relationship.

But how does the aiming really hits the target??
And do the couple really sincere in the relationship??

The percentage of the couple will last long till the end of their lives, nowdays are really really small. There are many reasons to argue about.
There are also many purpose of couple to occur. It could be finding a mate, or perhaps it just for an experience,fun and enjoyment or even worst, for the showed off. Only the person itself knows which purpose he/she stands with.

This relationship is really like a fairy-tale bedtime story in the beginning and it could be a worst nightmare ever at the very end of the relationship. Still the phenomena of coupling still going to be the hits of a lifetime. Why? I mean why do we need to couple or to be declare we are 'two' now?? Is that a prominent need??

There is still a question not yet been answer or never have been in our thought. Almost all of us have the experienced, whether it ends up with a sad story or maybe you not even have the experienced of break up. Well, that's a good start. The break up, the spelling itself show how broken is the person's heart like breaking glass into pieces or even worst. Still there is never be a term of not going to have a serious relationship anymore. Everyone will and will be have those experienced. Don't you see how stubborn we are?? Who said so?? The living are created to have their own soul-mate. There is a male for a female, there is male and female for the animal and even for the tree itself have the sperm and ovum for them to continue their generations.

Why we still wanted to be 'two' even the previous experienced have thought us how crazy the couple's world is?? Why can't we just said we like each other and hoping the feeling will last forever till the right time we get married and still keeping the loves?? Wasn't that seems to be more wonderful??

If you noticed, there is an evolution happen in the coupling situation. The old time, the 80's-90's the male and female still shy to see each other and apparently the have high manners. Then the male and female started to declare as a couple and yes the did have some dates together. Behave??ermm..a little low for some people. Now, most of us tend to share the feeling to each other but do not want to declare. Why and how does this happen?? As the Earth keep rotate at the place, the revolution did take some place too. But how to explain??

It could be the experienced have taught them to be that way and maybe it could be some experienced need to follow!! Wahh!! Suddenly im thinking of getting
married at the early age. What will it pay for my need??

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