Wednesday, April 28, 2010

im starting to like u..

owh mine..
what a hard situation..there are two guls wif one guy..n this two guls like the same guy..
who will he choose then..??
it's become hard when this two guls are close..real close. only both of this guls don't want to tell the truth even people around keep asking do u like him and the first lady keep answering she like other guy. and the second gul?? well, she juz keep it silent. she juz getting closer to this guy where nobody noes where and when. it's getting worst when the second gul don't wanna give up to tackle him and the first lady always gets everyone advice to tackle him. like my first posting, where im the second gul who never have this spirit for not letting him go. maybe i could only if he not trying to do anythg wat im asking like..

i do request for him not to wearing his cap..his fav cap
and yet he did when he send me to the airport. i did ask him where is the hat and he jz smile n told it's been stolen by whoever. but the point is he did wearing the cap-where it shud be stolen before he was going to hometown.

next, he suppose not going to swim with us but then im the one requested to go with him and he acted as a driver. however, things changed. i suddenly go with the first lady's car not his car as the plan. im in the middle of two; him or her. so i choose her. when she already find out he going too she suddenly decided not to go. and im the one who persuaded her to go with. she's to kind but yet im still not giving up to give him away. im not sure why, but this is the first time i feel it that way. whatever i want sumthg, i must get it. i can let it go easily if he showing me that im no one for him. or myb im the one 'terperasan'.

however, it's seems like he do like the first lady too. We riding bikes and the first lady don't have any bike to ride on and he seems to take care much of her.

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