Sunday, April 25, 2010

pimples like the witches have..ewww!!!

where should i began..
my hearts pumped out like..well there's no words appearing yet
and it's really messed up my mind
till there's some kind like a pimple for the evil witch in the chin..??'s really gross!!

somehow im kind a ready to have a relationship..
it's really out of the target..
i don't think i would ready..but yes..i did..i think..
the good think is..there is a good girl with a good base of region
all of us seems to know her heart..her feeling towards this guy..
the guy that seems not losing his faith on me..
im not sure if what i felt is what it is the one hoping for it
i trying to give her the chances but somehow..he showing up next to me..

if..if he trying not to get close to me..or owh my..
both of me and her..seems having a same trouble..
before this..there is no such desire like this..
im willing to give the guy to the the girl i think it suits him the most
but now..kind to say..i hoping for me to have him..
and never thought of giving up..
even i deeply know maybe..we would not last long..
pretty said greedy and selfish for myself..
and i know..the fact is..both of us..
will ready to let him go..for not letting us getting hurt..
but till not giving up..

owh my..who i would become..??

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